Up in the mood, Indigo!

I was sitting in front of it. With strict focused eye, particularly towards it. Stretched hands with numb like feeling in the finger part. I couldn’t. I wanted to do so. I wanted to blink my eye lash a little, even for a while, too. It didn’t. It was moving in a orbicular fashion. Infinite move. The table was moving in orbicular formation, in front of me. My one touch, my one try to acquire it might disturb it, destroy it- the move. I could,’t. I wouldn’t. How should be i ready to take responsibility of converting infinite love to finite scared affection. I moved on from there, since that day. I don’t know anyone get that blessed one or it’s still moving in circular fashion to feel like a freak storm to every one, graying with her.
It was not first time with me. Certainly not. Today’s our pictures become photographs, on very next tomorrow. It’s sure to happen. I am neither able to stop it nor able to push it in a single punch.
It happens with during all those movies, where i used to coincide with characters, started to act together with them in their part with my story. It ends soon, quick really pretty much soon! I can’t revert back to my place, my original place soon, might be never. I need it. I want it. I wish it. I beg it. Shall i ever get that?
I always, all night pick up a star. I play with it. Laugh. We share our lives with each other. We have had a best music, the best. It moves on the very next day, actually with the very next second i showed back. My life is story, just a story for it, for all of them, now and forever.
This is the truth that you don’t want to label as truth. You wish it should be falsehood. It wouldn’t seem as truth never to us as we have counted everything as just a part of millions miles we have traveled or travelling and we will travel. We are treating people around us as just a part of a backpack. We count them by weighing them. When we got a spark in our backpack, we started to throw out them one by one, to save our self. At the end we will loose them, leaving alone, lonely. We are habitude to see the expiry date first than the positive effects printed on the same thing. We are always advised to think about the fork at cross road while travelling on a single track.
Now, i want to stop that orbicular motion, for me. I want, just want much more than just the aspiration. It’s my share of happiness on this earth, on my plane of life. We all must claim it, have it. During the movies tears and actions are not parts of enjoyment, real enjoyment a true one is having by being with some one. Let us start crawling with them through the thinnest part of life and start running when we all get a chance to run in a open yard. Stop counting and measuring, just start enjoying. Always remain up in the mood, indigo!!!


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