Exploring ignorance…

World and Life both are too big to explore entirely. This expedition has become quite baffling as it draws path around same geography with nearly same diameter. We pass through same events, our eyes recognize same faces again and again, our mind process same thoughts repeatedly and cute, little bouncing heart finds spiral willingness. This hazardous journey was a wild confusion mere, until I witnessed journey of my friend for his life aged 25 years. The glimpse of same several events of his life are shadowed here to get some meaningful reflections. Continue reading


Absolute TRUTH

We just know the half truth even after changing clothes and character so many times. This half truth is our window of measuring world through the idea of our eyes. We stay away far from other half that is truth belongs to others. Few try to pursue it knowingly while others just get into it unknowingly. This can be achieved through the communication as an instrument. Communication makes us aware about the things that are not happening in-front of eyes of ours yet taking place at some distant place. Then, heart and mind joins their hands to infer something new from newly arrived facts and their own knowledge base. Following journey just try to reach to that half truth of others in such a way that we can maintain and adore half truth of our own as well and it comes out as an absolute truth. Continue reading

Angels on Earth

It was total chaos in environment above the sky. He ‘King of God’ was furious over his courtiers. He was not satisfied for the arrangements created by his courtier to create a new world below the sky. A new world where a new life is going to start in very nearest future. He was shouting and cursing all of them. He was just keep on repeating, its(i.e creation) incomplete and incompetent to show greatness of it. He asked interior decorator to do needful. Interior decorator said all that we could do has already been done. All available resources are going to start so soon. And if more resources are available then I shall arrange them too. My poetry could not sound well if it has flow in its writing. Continue reading

Guardian angel

When I am with her, I feel safe. Safe as a child finds herself in her mother’s womb. Image of my soul starts sailing an everlasting journey in the world of whites. World with white snowy mountains. A world where a river has a white big floating substance when moon appears at night. Dust raise its substances from earth’s grayish soil and marks its presence in entire ambiance when white horses driven by a warrior in white dress through the land of milky galaxy. She dilutes all corrupt nubs I have carried and collected during entire day from my chest and that helps me in breathing like a far distance star in the planet of desire. A star that keeps on blinking but we couldn’t realize it. Whenever I approach her she wide opens her arm and embrace me with her love, passion and fondness. We become sentient. She covers me. She is all over me. She seems bigger than me. She hides me in the cave of pacific. She encages me but I never felt trapped. She knows all my secrets and live with all of them. Continue reading