A Journey Into the Hereafter

It was a day, with the mixed atmospheric experience, in the month of February. In the most areas of India, February is counted as part of season – Winter. The previous night was no longer a winter night, people were having frightful weather. ACs were on, fans started sung loudly. The terraces of the buildings again occupied by several people. All the trees were acting like a iron rod without any temperature sensitivity. I was counting the number of stars nearby moon at that time. Suddenly, i started to laugh as i was having a feeling that one star is driving in a triangle shape towards me. I thought I was completely stretched by a hot solid summer night during a winter day. After a couple of minutes i was not in a mood to laugh!!!

I was shocked! In front of me, there was a something, like a vehicle mostly we, people used for a space travel. It was with me on the same terrace. Few people or human walked out of it. Yeah, i certainly want to named them humans. They were liked us, in most similar fashion. Just, their most of body is occupied with lots of equipment. Their movement, gestures were seeing friendly. So no chance of worrying about them. In a fraction of second they started to talk with me, their language was different but one device was attached with their body. The device was converting the their dialogues into my native language- Gujarati!!! I was astonished greatly. I started to talk with them using the same device. We talked a lot, but i would like to say that they were our future, they were living in 2113. 100 years ahead to us.
They offered me a ride, into the future. I said no many times but at the same time , I already started to walk with them towards their triangular cab like vehicle!! The interior was amazing. It started to off moving slowly and goes faster and faster as it climbs into space. After a while I was with them into their current world and our future world!
Everything was seeing a like speculated, but neither was. Everything was moving like our earth moves arround sun, the merry go round gives us a ride, while moving horizontal circular fashion. Everything was so so so much fascinated, extraordinary, spectacular, ravishing and delightful. They should as those were the crafts 100 years ahead to us. I was a in a shocked like a ravenous boy found nothing to bite, after reading certain ads which were passing by me. It was displayed in their language, let me translated it in English.
Now, no linger i was interested or fascinated by their technological evolvement. The elements of life on which we are living, surviving against all odds were missing from the nature. After having so much things, still they were lonely! A sun alone in the sky, no one enjoy with it. We enjoy moon that is surrounded by stars.
I told them about my feeling, they were agreed with me upon that. They smiled in a naughtiness manner. I got them. We have to live that life 100 years thereafter. No one can escape from it.
I returned back. Now, there is a slight cold in a winter weather with mild rain inside me. I don’t want to write more, as now, I just want to live the current!!!You should, too.


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