What else we need?

I can’t stop my self from writing this post before the three days of final exams. I am not able to control my thoughts, after i came across a news.
We are saying that we are now truly globalized and, we are having a monotonic growth due to globalization. We are having a facility to connect with other in fraction of time with visuals, too. We are having a facility to shoot the missile at moon to analyse the dust plume for water. We are able to discover the Higgs Boson – ‘The God Particle’. We are having an ability to locate anything, from wherever it is hiding in a fraction of time. This list is countably infinite and can’t be finished ever.
But, what about our social system after having globalized growth in all human inclined direction. Hey!, does our thought process get anything worth from this social- economic growth life cycle? Do we improved on that aspects, particularly we -The male?
If we started to count about the things we achieved and the values we lost, we might be below the bottom threshold line.
What are our thoughts and ideas, in which directions, for women only?
Just imagine a situation: You are walking along the roadside either alone or with some of your friends, lots of people are passing by you. How many times you are giving attention towards them? Out of all those incidents, how many times, your precious moment that you have spent, was only to have glimpse of a woman only? Consider your age, your values, your ideas, your education, your position,… everything you have earned on this planet from the nature. Why the tendency for the female gender is changing so much drastically in circular direction?
Now, a man is at a level where he could gangraped a woman in a public transport, during evening time at the Capital city of country. What is the reason, theory or ideology behind this cruelty, that wouldn’t be done by animal, too. Every time i have begun my day by reading about a rape incident, it has made me feel ashamed of my manhood.
Why we can’t give them respect, space to live with us without having any doubt regarding fear of safety? How or from where we have inherited this thing, that must not count as an element of life.
Still we male are giving lots of excuses over this matter in the favour of manhood. Like, what was the girl doing so late in the night?, or she was drunk and was flirting with some men in the pub. Shouldn’t she be probed for loose character?, a woman should be behind the veil, in the kitchen and forever pregnant. We are busy in giving disgusting arguments referring women’s way of dressing or their physical appearance and with all other dumb ideas to just keep our ego of manhood intact and countable. But the truth is that at the root of it all lies a culture built around hierarchies, of gender, faith, colour, caste, region.
Objectifying women is something we all men need to get over with. The intensity of the male gaze is rising to enormous proportions. Equality is a completely fuzzy term and gender equality even more vaguer. The least one can expect from a person is to be human and not eye the opposite sex as a prey waiting to be caught upon as in the case of wild animals.
A city, village, state, country, world is home outside the four walls of our houses. It is a mutual relationship between all of us, you comprise the others, and the other will comprise you back. That’s the way it has been and should be. We all should provide prosperity and security to each other and if either of the two is missing, then something is amiss, wrong, not true.
If you are not capable of giving something to others, you have not any right to snatch away everything possessed by others.
We are having everything in a balanced proportion to live on the earth. Why men rape ? What else we need? These are only some of the questions we need to answer and ponder on. Otherwise we might cross the thin line that differentiate us from being an animal!


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