I am a gardener, now…

It was first time I was around that gate, it is big, simple yet lovely. It is made of thick wooden sheets in outer part. Inside there are old wooden sticks, originally fallen tree branches. All are in their natural shapes. Their color and fragrance can surely take you to their glorious past. It is also known as golden gate as sun rises through this gate. I was observing all this from a giant thing. In the garden I was with flowers. This garden is different. Flowers look different to different eyes. All flowers are most time same in entire garden. To find different types of flowers in garden it needed a moment of history.

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Taste with empty stomach

Few days are so much hasty that they crawl through a window where hunger is abandoned. Here, we just work for fraction of seconds and time approaches it in couple of hours. Once it completes stomach ask for its stake. Now, whatever you have it’s like Diwali bonanza gift or say Christmas present by Santa clause itself.
On the contrary we overlook few days in criticism. We start observing everything before allowing. We suddenly feel so much interest in cooking recipes and all known and unknown ingredient. We prefer the use of high scale electronic weighing machine to measure the quantity of salt. So, on the kite flying day, wind is not acting as per our suggestion. It hurts us instantly!
In the midst of this extreme we always have days which we don’t know. We are reposeful for their existence. We just act like a frog in winter, hibernate in burrows! Continue reading

A Journey Into the Hereafter

It was a day, with the mixed atmospheric experience, in the month of February. In the most areas of India, February is counted as part of season – Winter. The previous night was no longer a winter night, people were having frightful weather. ACs were on, fans started sung loudly. The terraces of the buildings again occupied by several people. All the trees were acting like a iron rod without any temperature sensitivity. I was counting the number of stars nearby moon at that time. Suddenly, i started to laugh as i was having a feeling that one star is driving in a triangle shape towards me. I thought I was completely stretched by a hot solid summer night during a winter day. After a couple of minutes i was not in a mood to laugh!!!
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Up in the mood, Indigo!

I was sitting in front of it. With strict focused eye, particularly towards it. Stretched hands with numb like feeling in the finger part. I couldn’t. I wanted to do so. I wanted to blink my eye lash a little, even for a while, too. It didn’t. It was moving in a orbicular fashion. Infinite move. The table was moving in orbicular formation, in front of me. My one touch, my one try to acquire it might disturb it, destroy it- the move. I could,’t. I wouldn’t. How should be i ready to take responsibility of converting infinite love to finite scared affection. I moved on from there, since that day. I don’t know anyone get that blessed one or it’s still moving in circular fashion to feel like a freak storm to every one, graying with her. Continue reading