Day 1: List of Activities

What is there in name?
Where collaboration is required?
What is there in discussion forum?
Structured way to post discussion, question as per suitable category.
Organization is important for facilitating search and manage.

Structure of discussion forum thread
Thread – Original post/question
Reply – Answer to post/question
Comment – Comment on entire thread/ reply.

How does the visibility of post increase?
Upvote, Follow

Discussion forum challenges
Feeling of isolation
Incorrect structuring


Group activity for Day 1 – Afternoon

NPTEL -> encourage local institutions in the process of content curation(searching, finding, slight modification) -> to enable teachers from local colleges to better integrate NPTEL content in regualr teaching learning process -> suggestion from fdp team : learn from NPTEL and give value added course to your students.
Proposed solution:
Institute creates a Webpage: Explanation of LeDs for each of the NPTEL video, LbD activities for students to practice, Initiate LxIs bu providing a focused question for discussions, Sufficient LxTs along with assimilation quizzes

As an Individual

Menu -> NPTEL -> NPTEL Video -> Publish LbDs and LxTs as blogs, create links -> Link blog posts in NPTEL menu

As an RC

Webpage for RC -> About RC -> Link to each participant page (with domain of participants)-> Plan of action


LbDs for Heuristic Search

Follow following resource and attempt given LbDs.


  1. What is the motivation for using heuristic search?
  2. Which data structure is more suitable for implementing OPEN and CLOSED list? Justify your answer.
  3. Design heuristic for traveling salesman problem.
  4. Design heuristic for tic-tac-toe game. Write a program in your favorite programming language that plays game as per your designed heuristics.

Exploring FDP101x Foundation Program in ICT for Education

It is a fact, field of education is passing through a phase of tremendous change, we, people were expecting since a long time. Change is always challenging. Specifically, as a teacher I think I must embrace it and get my self re-tuned for being more effective, reliable and approachable in beautiful world of teaching .

This course gives me, a chance I am expecting and I am in a mood of grabbing it. Being student for a teacher is really awesome. But, when you actually become student, you need to clear exam as students do for your courses!!! Oh, my my!@!@!

It is a trap, to check the character of a teacher. For, teacher character is their early half battle. May be that is why, like we(i.e. teacher) publish ethics and integrity policy at start of our course, here in this course also they included it as ‘Maintaining Academic Ethics and Integrity’. It is alarming for me, as a teacher has concern for other teachers’ intentions. Here, all concerns are positive.

Structure and content of this course is perfect for person of any domain. Course allows you to learn and explore to individual’s capacity.  I am ready to learn more with this and such other courses.

Thanks to all who are involved in designing and conducting such courses.