I am a gardener, now…

It was first time I was around that gate, it is big, simple yet lovely. It is made of thick wooden sheets in outer part. Inside there are old wooden sticks, originally fallen tree branches. All are in their natural shapes. Their color and fragrance can surely take you to their glorious past. It is also known as golden gate as sun rises through this gate. I was observing all this from a giant thing. In the garden I was with flowers. This garden is different. Flowers look different to different eyes. All flowers are most time same in entire garden. To find different types of flowers in garden it needed a moment of history.

At that time all flowers were same. With their wild flower beauty and lush texture they were enchanted. All were same but in different colors, in rainbow colors. They were expressing hope and patience and signaling rain of some magical events in a long run. People were discussing about some new innovation that can really change the way communication, knowledge sharing and mostly everything work. People were happy enough to not be sad, but a cluster feeling was only hope. I was too small to think, just able to listen.

Inside their, around me everything was changing, expanding me by exploding boundaries. My reach was increasing into the world. My connection was more than the observation. Life was not just born but felt then.

Even though I was afraid, I put my big hope on and decided that I couldn’t let myself to miss this cool opportunity to see this treasure of our world. I now have the first-hand knowledge of learning to walk independently, it involves much more than simply putting one little foot in front of the other. Bouncing up and down was the nature and pattern of my walk, entering again in to the garden with golden gate. All around me there were exotic flowers. It was like whole brightly colored garden in flight like a bird. The unusually beautiful shape and brilliant colors have made the garden exceptionally attractive place. Flowers were expressing joyfulness and magnificence. I along with world was wondering about exciting anticipation.

Everyone was enjoying emotional experience of my first experience with words without knowing them. It was amazing to gain control over vocal words and lips to form word intentionally. I was passing through the natural gate of flower garden to communicate with flowers. Around me, everywhere same passion, flowers of passion were blooming. They were tall and in magically colored. Butterflies and hummingbirds were also enjoying the company of flower of passion. Flowers were communicating with every particle by passing symbolized messages. I was happy yet waiting for moment of my life. Waiting for the day when only different flower will bloom for me.

I keep running around the garden, and I don’t know what I am looking for. I remained silent, staring down at crushed hope. I am only saying everything looks perfectly fine from far away and when you go near you start to run away in all direction. Every now and then, I see a flower and think, “This could be it. I could stay here and be happy forever.” As soon as I step ahead to make it work it goes away and become same as all around the garden. Since I don’t know what I’m searching for, I suppose it’s like being on a never-ending journey.

I was evolving around the words, equations and shapes. I was thrilled and feel exciting about all those years of education. That period was all about learning and fun. Eventually I started dwelling myself into deep, sincerity and seriousness started swelling me up, though I was enjoying. During all those years in the garden, star-like flowers with bright green and pointed leaves grow in clusters on thin, branching stems, like small flower bouquets in soft shades of pink, white, yellow and red. They were with a delicate scent representing enthusiasm. Learning about surrounding and with the help of surrounding is always fascinating to me like those delicate flowers with long leaves. It improves our knowledge, skill, confidence level and personality. It empowers us intellectually to interact with others in our life. Education brings maturity and teaches us to live in society with changing environment. With enthusiasm, faith, hope something more intense feeling was arousing within me. I was searching but it was yet that never-ending journey.

That day sky was orange in wrong season. Men and women are changing so then the seasons as well. I was entering into the garden. Shades of orange sky were looking astonishingly great over the gate. Inside there were flowers with two to three feet long stems and each branch holding two to four flower buds. They were rich in colors and blooming freely. The leaves of those flowers grow upside down, with the leaf twisting as it grows out from the stem. It is something with twists and turns, giving way in my life to a new idea called friendship. Every bit of life was just behind following this new journey of friendship, probably to find the end of never-ending journey, finding what I am looking for so long. It is feeling of affection from one person to another. I started to make group with some similar kind of flowers, but they were similar in entire garden. I received something really great but not that end I was looking for.

I was waiting for that special flower in entire garden that is different among rest. I was searching all of my days. It is really difficult to survive when each and every passing day you are realizing garden is going to be same on forthcoming days. Those smells, shades, vibrant colors enable you to believe that it will happen even though there is no single sign of it happening. Waiting and searching for something makes you a weirdo that remains same, doing same thing while everything around keep changing. Feeling of loneliness started to grow and in a bitter way nothing can hurt you more. I was every day waiting for a sign to give a clue, searching for a touch, a smell, a word or even a dream.

On one bright day, near three-tier fountain where water softly flows downward, making a soothing sound in a flower garden. More blue bricks form a circular pattern around the base of the fountain to make the blue-gray water feature the focal point. To give fountain more presence, the designer created a mini garden around it using grasses and flowers. There I found 6 to 10 inch trumpet shaped flowers that were born on 1 to 2 foot stalks. They were large, spectacular flowers. Those beautiful trumpet shaped flowers were turned out a great reward, as I turned back these were the different flowers in the entire garden. Flowers were blooming in to the moment of history. Everywhere splendid beauty was showering, worth beyond physical beauty. I was feeling so many things at the same time, fireworks of passion were exploding and feeling satisfying, around those sparks I was feeling comfortable, heart was saying ‘yes, yes, yes,…’, suddenly I want to say and share everything with that flower, even ‘I’ was now diluting and ‘We’ was growing. I found that end of journey to begin a new one. I found and established a relation with that flower that is devoid of expectations and unconditional. It is like never letting go and wants to grow older together. Then, that day I decide to become a gardener to keep safe that flower near the fountain with the three-tier layering.


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