Exploring ignorance…

World and Life both are too big to explore entirely. This expedition has become quite baffling as it draws path around same geography with nearly same diameter. We pass through same events, our eyes recognize same faces again and again, our mind process same thoughts repeatedly and cute, little bouncing heart finds spiral willingness. This hazardous journey was a wild confusion mere, until I witnessed journey of my friend for his life aged 25 years. The glimpse of same several events of his life are shadowed here to get some meaningful reflections. Continue reading


Taste with empty stomach

Few days are so much hasty that they crawl through a window where hunger is abandoned. Here, we just work for fraction of seconds and time approaches it in couple of hours. Once it completes stomach ask for its stake. Now, whatever you have it’s like Diwali bonanza gift or say Christmas present by Santa clause itself.
On the contrary we overlook few days in criticism. We start observing everything before allowing. We suddenly feel so much interest in cooking recipes and all known and unknown ingredient. We prefer the use of high scale electronic weighing machine to measure the quantity of salt. So, on the kite flying day, wind is not acting as per our suggestion. It hurts us instantly!
In the midst of this extreme we always have days which we don’t know. We are reposeful for their existence. We just act like a frog in winter, hibernate in burrows! Continue reading

Beautiful is still Beautiful

Language. Language gives us a chance to read, to write. It helps us to think. It promotes us to prove our identity in this lost world. Language is used to identify the outsiders, too. Beauty of language is hidden in those words and it’s grammatical structure. Here, out of these two I Love the words most. As without grammar atleast I can convey my thoughts to other side of the world. The usage pattern has changed a lot as we evolved. From pages to paragraphs to notations only. Still importance of the words remains at peak of Mt.Everest. Today, here I want to consider a beautiful word from a beautiful language. So, please now relax your self a little bit, arrange the screen of your device properly, play a good music like a music of ‘Straight Story’ and enjoy the following words in my little shiny world!!! Continue reading

The ‘STARING’ business

This side of world is full of several types of people. Different people, varied activities, vivid nature and skills, dissimilar likes- dislikes. Its completely heterogeneous. It varies from hunter to bird watcher, workers to managers, students to teachers, academician to professional, make-up artist to actor and actress and so on on on…
All are doing different different business, activities that suits their profession. Completely separated in nature, but unfortunately there is an activity that is common to most(most= all minus at-least me!!!) of us. That is most of us are ‘PEOPLE WATCHER’. We like to spend time in observing other person’s behaviour, activities, physique, etc…. The previous sentence is written in ethical manner. In true sense I can say that people are interested in ‘STARING’ business. It’s definitely ‘STARING’ not looking or eye contact. Continue reading