I am a gardener, now…

It was first time I was around that gate, it is big, simple yet lovely. It is made of thick wooden sheets in outer part. Inside there are old wooden sticks, originally fallen tree branches. All are in their natural shapes. Their color and fragrance can surely take you to their glorious past. It is also known as golden gate as sun rises through this gate. I was observing all this from a giant thing. In the garden I was with flowers. This garden is different. Flowers look different to different eyes. All flowers are most time same in entire garden. To find different types of flowers in garden it needed a moment of history.

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Where do Babies Come From?

World around us is spectacular. The scientific theory says that earth revolves around a nearest mega star named sun with a flying speed of 30 km/s. Amazing and interesting. A question always bubbled in me between the veins of heart and mind but it has never taken a route to mouth. This question bubbling underneath my body is “when in the morning we wake up after a massive mind struggling practice and when we land our foot on land it takes at least half a second and still we can land it at same place everyday, shouldn’t we land few miles away!?” We will discuss about this in later post as still this question feels safe inside me. Continue reading