I am a gardener, now…

It was first time I was around that gate, it is big, simple yet lovely. It is made of thick wooden sheets in outer part. Inside there are old wooden sticks, originally fallen tree branches. All are in their natural shapes. Their color and fragrance can surely take you to their glorious past. It is also known as golden gate as sun rises through this gate. I was observing all this from a giant thing. In the garden I was with flowers. This garden is different. Flowers look different to different eyes. All flowers are most time same in entire garden. To find different types of flowers in garden it needed a moment of history.

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Exploring ignorance…

World and Life both are too big to explore entirely. This expedition has become quite baffling as it draws path around same geography with nearly same diameter. We pass through same events, our eyes recognize same faces again and again, our mind process same thoughts repeatedly and cute, little bouncing heart finds spiral willingness. This hazardous journey was a wild confusion mere, until I witnessed journey of my friend for his life aged 25 years. The glimpse of same several events of his life are shadowed here to get some meaningful reflections. Continue reading

Absolute TRUTH

We just know the half truth even after changing clothes and character so many times. This half truth is our window of measuring world through the idea of our eyes. We stay away far from other half that is truth belongs to others. Few try to pursue it knowingly while others just get into it unknowingly. This can be achieved through the communication as an instrument. Communication makes us aware about the things that are not happening in-front of eyes of ours yet taking place at some distant place. Then, heart and mind joins their hands to infer something new from newly arrived facts and their own knowledge base. Following journey just try to reach to that half truth of others in such a way that we can maintain and adore half truth of our own as well and it comes out as an absolute truth. Continue reading

To stiff mountain from limp plain

71 years of life and still breathing. I am confused. What did I do wrong, that I can not smile and I just walk. I have never stopped searching smile since last time I smiled. Now, do not remember how it looks, what is it’s shape, how it feels. Just believing that smile is important to have because of the words my heart believes in.

It’s smile that moves stars and moon, moves shadows and sun, moves day and night, moves pain and sufferings, moves loss and death and most importantly takes you forward to enlighten the fire within you for good for you and good around you.

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