Flower of rose on the plant of lily

It was an old day until that moment. People were rushing everywhere more furiously than thoughts. They were passing each other without being touched by anyone. Actually streets were busy in screaming against silence of noise. Shops were trying to hold the night longer even after the sun was all up in the blue. Trees could hardly talk with each other as they were quite separated. Even they did not require to know more numbers. The whistle of train was helping me in assuring the fact that I am still alive scientifically. Continue reading


Mobile Melodrama Part-1

All things were colourful. All people were playing around with so many vibrant colours. Balloon fights were normal on these days. Colored water was the cloth worn by all individual. Although I was living in a different stat of mind, as I was bowled by cannon since a long time. Reason was simple but it includes a thing which is very near to my heart. Actually I would like to name it but you will hate it. It was all about my mobile. It was really nice. Still it is. It is cool, yet smart. It is very humble. It does most of the things by itself. It helps me in so many things that, I may write a separate post on that. Continue reading

No good, No bad

Each passing day, few of us might sense that it’s all same all around. Everyday nearly at the same time in the morning the big yellow glob rises from a far apart east and sets behind my house in west while evening is round the corner. I observe this since a long time. In the morning it invades sky and lands onto earth to free the earth from the ruler of darkness. All weapons to fight over darkness are colored in strange colours. Initially slight orange appears and disappear without much hope, but it brings yellow that wakes up all birds, animals and insects. Life starts. The little birds inform their big fellows to bring them their breakfast. The tiny elephants run towards the lake. Meanwhile green, blue, indigo and violet aggregate their energy and mark the presence of light on earth. Then, they calls red to make celebration of their victory. Just then they all turns into the colour white. All same. Continue reading

Angels on Earth

It was total chaos in environment above the sky. He ‘King of God’ was furious over his courtiers. He was not satisfied for the arrangements created by his courtier to create a new world below the sky. A new world where a new life is going to start in very nearest future. He was shouting and cursing all of them. He was just keep on repeating, its(i.e creation) incomplete and incompetent to show greatness of it. He asked interior decorator to do needful. Interior decorator said all that we could do has already been done. All available resources are going to start so soon. And if more resources are available then I shall arrange them too. My poetry could not sound well if it has flow in its writing. Continue reading