I am a gardener, now…

It was first time I was around that gate, it is big, simple yet lovely. It is made of thick wooden sheets in outer part. Inside there are old wooden sticks, originally fallen tree branches. All are in their natural shapes. Their color and fragrance can surely take you to their glorious past. It is also known as golden gate as sun rises through this gate. I was observing all this from a giant thing. In the garden I was with flowers. This garden is different. Flowers look different to different eyes. All flowers are most time same in entire garden. To find different types of flowers in garden it needed a moment of history.

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Absolute TRUTH

We just know the half truth even after changing clothes and character so many times. This half truth is our window of measuring world through the idea of our eyes. We stay away far from other half that is truth belongs to others. Few try to pursue it knowingly while others just get into it unknowingly. This can be achieved through the communication as an instrument. Communication makes us aware about the things that are not happening in-front of eyes of ours yet taking place at some distant place. Then, heart and mind joins their hands to infer something new from newly arrived facts and their own knowledge base. Following journey just try to reach to that half truth of others in such a way that we can maintain and adore half truth of our own as well and it comes out as an absolute truth. Continue reading

No good, No bad

Each passing day, few of us might sense that it’s all same all around. Everyday nearly at the same time in the morning the big yellow glob rises from a far apart east and sets behind my house in west while evening is round the corner. I observe this since a long time. In the morning it invades sky and lands onto earth to free the earth from the ruler of darkness. All weapons to fight over darkness are colored in strange colours. Initially slight orange appears and disappear without much hope, but it brings yellow that wakes up all birds, animals and insects. Life starts. The little birds inform their big fellows to bring them their breakfast. The tiny elephants run towards the lake. Meanwhile green, blue, indigo and violet aggregate their energy and mark the presence of light on earth. Then, they calls red to make celebration of their victory. Just then they all turns into the colour white. All same. Continue reading

Guardian angel

When I am with her, I feel safe. Safe as a child finds herself in her mother’s womb. Image of my soul starts sailing an everlasting journey in the world of whites. World with white snowy mountains. A world where a river has a white big floating substance when moon appears at night. Dust raise its substances from earth’s grayish soil and marks its presence in entire ambiance when white horses driven by a warrior in white dress through the land of milky galaxy. She dilutes all corrupt nubs I have carried and collected during entire day from my chest and that helps me in breathing like a far distance star in the planet of desire. A star that keeps on blinking but we couldn’t realize it. Whenever I approach her she wide opens her arm and embrace me with her love, passion and fondness. We become sentient. She covers me. She is all over me. She seems bigger than me. She hides me in the cave of pacific. She encages me but I never felt trapped. She knows all my secrets and live with all of them. Continue reading