Exploring ignorance…

World and Life both are too big to explore entirely. This expedition has become quite baffling as it draws path around same geography with nearly same diameter. We pass through same events, our eyes recognize same faces again and again, our mind process same thoughts repeatedly and cute, little bouncing heart finds spiral willingness. This hazardous journey was a wild confusion mere, until I witnessed journey of my friend for his life aged 25 years. The glimpse of same several events of his life are shadowed here to get some meaningful reflections.

He is a fantasy child in real. Big eyes, round face, cute cheeks spreading smiles. He eats everywhere apples. He believes watch always, listen continuously. Traveling day and night from here to there seems regular to him. He likes to sleep at terrace wondering in a sky hovering on him. He speaks his life to those tim-tim stars and each blink of those stars is the gesture of acknowledgement for his talks. He tries a lot to avoid sleep as when he wakes up, he is alone under sky without stars. He travels via different means of vehicles. At night when he see the vehicles shining through their back and front lights, he believed them as stars accompanying him. One day he is traveling in a rickshaw sitting at his usual position, back seat. Watching vehicles and people passing around, listening sound of breaks and gears and roars of human population. Apple is in his hand and bit in mouth, a habit. Next stop, position opposite is filled by a lady and her child. He is experiencing something new. They are like him but not exactly. They are wearing dirty clothes. Clothes, not exactly only lady is wearing something sort of clothes to hide herself from wolves of human-race. Child is just wearing shadow of her mother. Apple is in his hands and he is trying to hide it from them. He is thinking about saving his apple from those robbers with very slim stomach. That child of hers is staring at apple and that has made situation worse and uncomfortable to him and he tried to hide in his pockets, back of his seat, between his two legs but not succeeded. He then slide it away out of running vehicle in a decisive mood, not mine then not anyone’s. Both are glancing at rolling apple on road and crushed by wheels of mankind.
Life repeats itself with us in reference to the events we participate in. Still he sleeps at terrace and travel the same diameter geographical area in sort of vehicles. He thinks stars appear and then disappear that is a routine. He has stop sharing his days with stars at night. The purpose of stars is to enrich the beauty of sky like those light beams on front and rear of vehicles feed more beauty to the look of vehicle. For him now everything has meaning in their showcasing and let everything flow in their way. Again, traveling in a rickshaw sitting at his usual position, back seat. Watching beautiful vehicles and marvelous building exploring science with prestige. Listening talks of people of his interest and compare everyone with him and his evaluation has made others inferior. He is having apple byte by byte. A father and his child are taking seat against him at this stop. These two fellows are looking like beggars but not exactly. Shrieked clothes, trembling hands and legs. He is trying to avoid the touch of their legs and even try not to smell dirt of their bodies. He ignored them and continue eating his apple and singing story to allure greatness of his to the world!!!
Few more years have passed. Now, He doesn’t have comfort to dream below that wide open sky gazing at stars astoundingly. He sleeps under a cement roof, which shines artificially like sky full of stars at night when lights shut down. Still, He finds sky limitless now. Stars are not just any object to talk with or not just to enrich beauty. They are quite more than anyone could ever think of. They are like our planet or even bigger than that. Might be occupied with civilization like ours or of different type. They are to guide us in traveling like lights of vehicles do. They help people sitting in vehicle to drive correctly on a road to their destined place. For him now, everything has meaning for their presence, nothing is insignificant, ignorant. One thing is clear as human we have to hold as much hands together we can to keep moving everyone towards betterment. Again, traveling in a rickshaw sitting at his usual position, back seat. Observing people and learning at each moment. Listening nature and evolving within. His hands are holding a fresh apple. At next station two boys joined him. One is carrying bags of corn and other is carrying a little baby boy in his hands. It is clear that they are returning from their farming job. Definitely proper school education is far beyond their reach. If, they get proper food twice a day, it is luxury to them. No worry, no hardness, no complaint about anything in their words and looks. They are enjoying. Little baby boy is looking at apple, for him it’s something new. In a time apple is now in baby’s hand and apple is smiling and my friend’s teeth are enjoying best taste of apple ever he has. Eyes are reflecting soul’s voice and wind is helping in wipe them out. Journey continues…
Even though life takes us and travel in same narrow diameter trajectory we can make big and peaceful journey by sharing what we can. When we pass through same events again repeatedly it is our duty to look into deep of it and find something significant to contribute each time. Faces should enrich their smiles each time faced by us on increasing time scale. Let’s do something so mind and heart can be on same string of happiness.


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