Absolute TRUTH

We just know the half truth even after changing clothes and character so many times. This half truth is our window of measuring world through the idea of our eyes. We stay away far from other half that is truth belongs to others. Few try to pursue it knowingly while others just get into it unknowingly. This can be achieved through the communication as an instrument. Communication makes us aware about the things that are not happening in-front of eyes of ours yet taking place at some distant place. Then, heart and mind joins their hands to infer something new from newly arrived facts and their own knowledge base. Following journey just try to reach to that half truth of others in such a way that we can maintain and adore half truth of our own as well and it comes out as an absolute truth.

From here land is no longer plain. I am starting to walk on the edge of something big. A yellow glob along with me also rising to the right of me behind the pond. Long straight yellowish mark is visible on the center of pond. Everything is achieving more vividness in their colour just by the rise of one big yellow glob. Those rays coming from leaves of so many trees by penetrating them makes us clear that nothing is impossible.
A baby boy has stopped walking with a hand maid wooden walker as a device has started to ring in near distance. Its a medium sized black box. A handle is tied with it via a spiral-wire. A big circle with a medium circle in center and 10 small center on edge of big circle appears at the front of that device. Someone has arrived and now, wire is losing its spiral moves to become so called straight. People say, talks through this device connect two people, but I say, how could we forgot the person available at exchange who has made such communication possible? Thus, this communication of three moves us ahead while staying at same place to know the other half truth. Through this device now we are aware of all our relative’s truth via a spiral wire. Not only our relative’s truth but our neighbours’ and their relatives’ as well! Still some happenings take place without this form of connection and yet its part of complete truth!!!
I and that glob are definitely climbing at the same speed otherwise how could it be with me at the same height! It is now sky-blue sky with white clouds within it. Yellow glob no longer appears yellow, its now snow-white. It has got some sharp arrow like bar at the exterior path. From a little far of that yellow glob appears reddish sky. There clouds are scary, they are making shape of a dragon running after the planet shaped cloud with the intention of devastating my beautiful planet. While walking my eyes are witnessing the war of my time. I am praying. The rear clouds from the tail of dragon are coming from other sides to attack the planet cloud from other side. Earlier it was only height, now this event has also made me difficult to breathe. Every parts of my body is praying. Hands are joined in reverence, eyes are wet while requesting, heart is searching for a divine cloud in the sky of hope, legs are running with such a speed like they just want to reach to that sacred place to pray.
Its now, difficult to figure out whether young boy is walking while talking or talking while walking. Communication is now no longer is stationary. This mobility of communication is now only of two. Connection is automatic, now due to technological enhancement. Its ironical human invents advanced technological devices to make things devoid of human as much as possible. People are connected to entire world with one device only. Perhaps this is to only know the other half of truth from entire world. This is great if its true. Still some happenings take place without this form of connection and yet its part of complete truth!!!
Cold is around me. Snow is the land now. Its getting hard to walk a step ahead. The peak is not far now, its just few steps ahead yet after every couple of steps I look-back and think about taking reversal journey but fortunately its not happening, grace of the great divinity. Sun has probably combined the experience from world and it appears in now multicolour. Top part of glob is rarely white, below that its still like originality is preserved through the colour yellow, deep down that its magnificent combination of two colours rose and orange and bottom of the glob is painted with red, as its crying on the end of a day. The sky is dark red and brown. Clouds are still running and war is in progress. Colour formation of glob changes when clouds cover the glob. Darkness has surrounded sky and me. Failing on walking, I started to drag my self into shell of hope profoundly.
The man is now ageless. Truth is now gained from machines. Now, one end of communication is only reserved for human. This communication takes place only for ordered acting. Houses are cages without doors. Roads without traffic lights. Machines decides the identity of human in robotic age of planet. Day and night are same as no space for feelings. Touch is now restricted only to start and shut down the flesh of human body. Body is now just the senseless frame to hold all the inside parts. Every individual acts as an separate individual world so now it appears, everyone has a complete truth but probably its meaningless. Still some happenings take place without this form of connection and yet its part of complete truth!!!
In whatever time you live, you are fortunate if you are carried by woman for months. When we can not express our half truth she understands entire truth. Every needs satisfied before even it arises. In past time I have always wondered about this miracle. Now, I got it, its connection of heart without any wire! This happens not only within a family, for a family but it happens for so many known and unknown faces. Heart beats for the entire truth of others, others who are yours. Day starts now with a smile of known or unknown person and body burns in the night of winter when sadness is found around someone’s life. You seat and wait for that black box to bring the reply of your prayer. While walking your one eye is on road, other on the flash screen of your device verifying well-being of every connections. During talks ears are just busy sensing depth of smiles. The strength of feelings is such immense that in the robotic age machine’s heart starts beating without wires of copper and magnet. There is always a cloud that comes in-between clouds of dragon and cloud of planet to save the finest world in the universe. This is the absolute truth and a reality beyond fractions of truth imagined by my disturbed mind. Land, Sun, Pond and Environment are always plain, white, live and fresh and when disturb mind in the search of truth comes in contacts of such divine elements it achieves purity and absoluteness. Climbing a tree or a mountain with experiences of sun with eternal melodies makes you a human standing still, without dilutedness in limitless joy, pride and pleasure.
Telephone always rings back with reply, mobile communicational device always moves you ahead and robots can pass Turing test.
Just, stay near to Absolute TRUTH.


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