Flower of rose on the plant of lily

It was an old day until that moment. People were rushing everywhere more furiously than thoughts. They were passing each other without being touched by anyone. Actually streets were busy in screaming against silence of noise. Shops were trying to hold the night longer even after the sun was all up in the blue. Trees could hardly talk with each other as they were quite separated. Even they did not require to know more numbers. The whistle of train was helping me in assuring the fact that I am still alive scientifically.
Most of the creatures were moving towards their workplace. I was returning from my workplace. I was the keeper. I just walked 13 steps straight from my place. Then, I was waiting for lift to arrive. It arrived, was not empty. Some capitalist has already occupied his place. He was in dark brown suite. We climbed down 22 storied building in quite less time. During those few seconds he spoke in at least 3 different languages which I did not know with someone on the call. After the gate I passed the Avenue street. There, I noticed people were changing the clothes, wearing their uniform for their job. They were mendicant. I reached at cross road near bus stop. I was just about to cross the road. Someone asked for the time. Taxi was parked just behind me. The same capitalist from the lift hired it. Signal was yet not green. Suddenly, capitalist left the taxi from wrong door, signal turned into green. Door was open and capitalist was in front of door. A bike stormed into door. The capitalist was crushed by bike tires. Suite turned into dark red, then. The door of the taxi has thrashed my body. Bike ran into corner were mendicant was doing his job. World population reduced by at least count of 3 at that moment. Time has stopped working for three of us, nearly at the same time. Ironic isn’t it! We three were awaken, then!!!
It arrived. I climbed up with the mendicant. Capitalist refused to settle up with mendicant or perhaps with us. The guard ordered him to climb in its firm voice. Capitalist was busy arguing with the guard. Capitalist said, I am different. I am special, or not so than at least important, here. No one can stab his place. He is destined to have it. He can’t travel with jokers.
That carrier was like a kite. Just without any threads tide with it. The guard fetched the capitalist and forced him to seat between me and mendicant. Journey started, we just did not know where we were going. Capitalist was mumbling something. Route was familiar. Big tall building, busy and polluted streets, noisy human interaction and everything same, except the sky. It was black not the blue and neither orange nor pink.
Suddenly mendicant said something is different. He was right, then. Its no longer like the world we live, we lived!
Capitalist and I both said yes after observing strange things happening around us. Capitalist has accepted the situation a little. Still he was hesitate in having eye or body contact with rest of two.
It was utterly different place. Small buildings. Wide road without much traffic. Tress, trees and trees. Birds on the trees, wires, buildings. Orange sky. Pink horizon. Son and moon were talking in their blur appearance facing each others face.
Capitalist realized something and said: Its that day. See, you see moon. Moon with big rings. I was child at that time. A bus was passing below us. People were traveling with the speed of 40 km/hr without doing anything, actually. We heard something, as we were destined to.

Son: Are they different, different then us?
Father: Who? Who are different, son?
S: Family, seated at those front seats.
F: Yess.., No… Wait a minute. Different, what, how you came to such judgement? On what basis?
S: Unhmm, they just look different, weird. You know..???
F: You mean, through their physical outlook. Right?
S: Yes, I think so. I feel like unknown. I don’t like them. No, I hate them.
F: You, don’t like them. That is okey. Acceptable. You hate them, why? They did nothing to you. Hatred is disease. Prevent your self from it. Your judgement, belief based on their physique is ridiculous. Its not good. Still, concentrate some where else. If, you can!!!
[Silence for a while~~~~~~]
S: Father, I hate them . I can’t stop it. Can’t help my self. Why are they here? I feel uncomfortable. They smell bad. They don’t know manners. I would never talk, play, seat or even be with them.
[He, father was in shock. His heart was afraid. Something was dying inside within him, his heart. Cold is the feeling of senses. He never has such thoughts, then how his offspring could think about such absurd matter. How a child came to know such inappropriate behavioral studies]
F: Oh, boy! Dear, boy! Whatever you said, is really mean things. Absurd. Sorry but you are wrong.
They smelled different neither weird nor bad. May be they did not bath in last few days. We all smell same after waking up every day. That is natural, science is involved with it. That can’t be their crime.
Manners are partly subjective and partly financial. As your financial class changes your manners as well. So, never surrender your self or never become judgmental over manners. Understand and experience the circumstances and fight against their problem for them.
You would be left alone on this humanary planet, if you criticize people on such weak fronts.

If, you want to know people, their reality, their nature then go and have their usual dinner with them, if they have it. Sleep with them in their place. Place where roof may be decorated artificially as sky full of stars or roof is allowing you to experience actual sky.

S: Okey. Then, why they don’t bath everyday? Are they allergic to water?
F: No, this is their fate. Their life is tossed down at such front where having bath is luxury. Do not be sick of such things.

Mind and heart, not the body requires regular bath

S: Fine. Then, how to act in different situation manner-wise? How to decide that we behaved like human or animal?
F: Who knows better than action and reaction! Think a little, sense a lot, act and react. Start attending the classes of acceptance theory from nature, you shall never worry about examinations.
Remember son,

It is not important what you have, you possess. It matters what you can share.

Hawkers, Peons, Clerks, Waiters, Farmers, Labors and all other are human like you and me. Go, kid Go be with all of them. Help all as much as you can. Share whatever you have. We can not change their fate but we may just get a chance to witness someone’s happiness. That is the big thing. Even god wants to witness happiness.
The man in dark red – brown suite started crying on the shoulder of mendicant. As he realized it was him as a child with his family. The family that tossed up at wrong side at that time. Heart started beating again!!!

Life never ends, it repeats!


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