Mobile Melodrama Part-1

All things were colourful. All people were playing around with so many vibrant colours. Balloon fights were normal on these days. Colored water was the cloth worn by all individual. Although I was living in a different stat of mind, as I was bowled by cannon since a long time. Reason was simple but it includes a thing which is very near to my heart. Actually I would like to name it but you will hate it. It was all about my mobile. It was really nice. Still it is. It is cool, yet smart. It is very humble. It does most of the things by itself. It helps me in so many things that, I may write a separate post on that.
Everything was fine, going well. Suddenly I started to receive complains about my mobile from my friends and family members. I inquired about this issue to my mobile phone. It said everything was fine. I believe that, it speaks truth. Complains never stopped. Yea, they were complaining that they were not able to hear my voice properly. So, again I asked to my dear mobile phone about people’s dissatisfaction. It said everything is under control. It was just due to some network issues. I was convinced. Still people were accusing me for an unhealthy relation with my mobile phone. So, I assured them I will do all the needful as soon as possible.
First I tried some homemade remedies. I used blower to remove all dust. Then it was shining like newly wed couple. Still complain was not resolved. So, I tried some tricks suggested by various people on internet with handy tools available at home like knife, spoon, soap, screwdriver, etc… Actually this attempt has made it worst impressions. So, people stopped talking with me. I was furious on people and I had pity on my phone. I felt very sad for it. People are really ruthless. They don’t care for anyone.
So, I went to local shops to restore my mobile’s lost dignity. They couldn’t handle it. Some of the vendor suggested me to visit company’s mobile care shop. I doubt their honesty. I think they might have some form of settings in these types of dealing. This types of deals are really unhealthy for business process. So, you know people can do anything for some commissioning. All are corrupt. System is no longer for good people like me and my mobile phone. For the sake of my mobile phone I went to a big mobile care shop.
It was luxurious. Entrances were automatic. Interior was remarkable. Even it was equipped with Central Air Conditioning system. Even the workshop was like a fully furnished bathroom in palace. All employee were also well trained and very well dressed. I was shocked by seeing so many customers over there. The receptionist told me in really very sweet voice to wait in waiting room. She was very humble. Yeah, really. She gave few magazines to read. Then she smiled. It was monalisa smile. After some tome she gave my queue id. I asked her, about probable waiting time. She replied in very gentle and caring voice that for me it will be quite less. I was all happy, but my phone was now completely ill. It was resting in my palm. Then I preferred to concentrate on other people’s talk. I know that is bad, but its good to enjoy. Most of them were discussing about forthcoming election in country. Most of them have finalized next PM, entire cabinet ministry even before the election could takes place. People were nonnormative. Few of them were talking about cricket, specially men. Women were discussing furnishing materials present over there. Then after some time I got my turn, it was number 4.
One lady came to me and lead me to one cabin. One more lady was present inside that small yet cozy cabin. She was smiling too. Oh, wow. I believe.

World is beautifull.

Then we had a little formal conversation.
She – Sir, can you describe me the past history of your mobile phone in brief?
Me – Yeah, sure. Since 2 years 9 months 23 days 11 hours we are together. I got a pink carry bag when I purchased it. I, oh sorry we…
[She interrupted me]
She – Oh, sir history related to its problem. I can understand you, I mean your feelings about your mobile phone. And please say it straight.
[My face was sad, big sad, but ya leave it, she understands me. Cool.]
Me – Past few days were very difficult for it. But, it is really brave. Since few days ago it fall down from dining table while we were having our high tea. It was hurt badly. Then after two days, my friend forgot it in my bedroom’s bathroom. Can you believe, that she(I am he!!!) was my friend? Leave it. Mystery is that it was found from my bathtub full of water. Cold water. It was shivering. It had behaved in well manner, otherwise who forgive such misbehaviour. Actually that day I was angry on my friend but it has convinced me to forgive her. It was very gracious. I love it. And on one day…
[She(The lady at care shop) was just now all on her own foot, standing in front of me. Her face was red like dark red colour cherry. I don’t know why? Probably she was also angry with my friend (who left my phone alone in my bedroom’s bathroom). She is nice and cute, too.]
She – Sir, please say the problem, don’t be the problem.
[I was totally stunned and bowled. I did not say anything as I believe it is not good to fight in front of mobile phones. They are very sensitive.]
[I told her about problem with my mobile phone, she wrote something in some papers]
She – Okey, sir symptoms are not normal. This is rarest issue in our company’s mobile phone. It is normally found in 99 mobile phones out of 100 we sell including original and duplicate products. Fortunately your phone’s battery is genuine. You are lucky. Now, can you call anyone right now? This is serious. Definitely not that much serious. Yet, we need someone who can handle you in this panicky situation.
So, this is for today. Still it has to last for at-least one more post. Meanwhile pray for well being of my mobile phone. You can arrange a candle march, too. Donations(i.e. likes and comments) are always welcome. Just mail me. I will take care of all other official work.
I hope you have enjoyed it, if no then press on like button and if yes then comment.
Thank you.


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