No good, No bad

Each passing day, few of us might sense that it’s all same all around. Everyday nearly at the same time in the morning the big yellow glob rises from a far apart east and sets behind my house in west while evening is round the corner. I observe this since a long time. In the morning it invades sky and lands onto earth to free the earth from the ruler of darkness. All weapons to fight over darkness are colored in strange colours. Initially slight orange appears and disappear without much hope, but it brings yellow that wakes up all birds, animals and insects. Life starts. The little birds inform their big fellows to bring them their breakfast. The tiny elephants run towards the lake. Meanwhile green, blue, indigo and violet aggregate their energy and mark the presence of light on earth. Then, they calls red to make celebration of their victory. Just then they all turns into the colour white. All same.
They play all around us and in the evening receive their defeat respectfully and leaves the earth for night to rule over. They do have respect but also have pain, suffering, feeling of loosing. I could not understand this pendulum tragedy. Yesterday it was heavy rainy day. They all were in bad mood since the very early afternoon. I could not resist my self. I reached in the backyard of my house, where they force sun to set behind two trees. I climbed on one of the two tree. I waited so long to magnify the reason of their sadness in such a bright day. It was definitely not comfortable. I was fighting against the fear of falling down. Then, nothing works but my smile has overrun their heart. I was dancing in all. Its again proves that my smile is infectious.
Then, I saw them. Walking slowly with bent head. No talk, no passion while walking. They were bringing sun forcibly. Their feet were trembling, palm of their hands were red, rest body was infected by the colour of anguish. I was no more dancing. They pass the tree without looking at me. They did not care about presence of any one. Atmosphere was entirely cruel.
I started to mark my presence by making huge amount of noise. I was yelling. I was crushing across branches of tree. Leaves of tree had also initiated the sound of fagging. They noticed me. I directly asked: “Why such sensation of pain? What you want? Who is the reason behind all your suffering?” I was requesting them to answer. They were not interested. They started to walk and I tried to follow them. I forgot that I was on tree. Suddenly I was on the plain surface of earth covered by so many rocks. I was badly hurt, still repeating my questions. When I regain my conscious completely I was resting on the branch that joins two trees. They were standing against me. I tried to repeat the question. They told me that they got all mine questions.
Then, they answered…
“This pain is due to uncertainty of life. When you believe something is completely yours and someday when you can’t get hold of them, you doubt your own spirit and capability. This season of rain always brings us pain. When we don’t get to shine the earth. Environment become filthy and we can’t do anything anymore. We experience defeated. We are no longer important. Even no one care.”
They were right. I didn’t know what to say to reduce their grief. I couldn’t look straight into their eyes. We both understood. Its something that we can’t help each other out.
On the spur of that moment all leaves and branch have started to make some noise. Wind was flowing out of control. Then after-awhile a sudden silence…
Then a voice emerged from the tree – a tree that provides shelter, food and life…

“Worry and faith can not exist together. Worry ends where the faith begins. Never worries about anything. Let them happen. Always have faith.”

I think this is true.
Tree continues…
‘…worry shows the negative impacts or life of your problem thought. Only negative consequences. While faith powers you with the idea that with all your best support you can handle everything and have a better ends every-time. A faith always conforms that everything happens for a reason specifically a good reason only. Worry make faces sad while faith brings feelings of satisfaction on the face. Faith and worry has nothing to do with intelligence and or physical prowess. It reflects you your heart. Its check on your own purity. Word “Do not worry” is like goody but not good at all. Goody that means a good person only in stories, never in real life.’
Colours of sun asking to tree, ‘Why things that we don’t want to happen, happens to us ? Why bad things happens to us, only us ? What wrong we did ?’
They felt in such a crud way because they are uncertain about tomorrow. They have doubt in their capability of excelling earth again with the next morning.
Tree answered…
‘Things happen with a reason. Never happens with the label good or bad. Its chain of events that become reason for some future events to take place. You are the lucky reason of that things to land on this beautiful realm. Just, smile every-time whenever something happens. If, you can not smile, just close your eyes and try to see from your heart, you shall acknowledge everything that happens around you. Smile is not to showcase our willingness but it expresses our acceptance to the world for being it with us. Never put checkpoint with label good or bad. Just flow with the life, wherever it takes you. Everything in here is simple, but when you started to relate it with your past and predict your future based on that, you make it chaotic. Spin yourself with everything happens around you. Try to true as much as you can. Accept your faults when you feel it. Forgive the people as soon as possible. Never question anyone’s care, love and affection. If you can not accept it, say straight no. Never make them wait. Never hurt anyone knowingly. Never injure the relation by throwing a dart towards it. Just try to handle things you can, do not worry about things you can not. Remember, everything and everyone is connected in one or another way. So, just connect your self with them, you shall be alive again…’
Just watch this video, swings with the bottle and dive deep into your soul and say hello to ‘faith’.
What do you feel about faith???
For me faith is fantastic. No worries. No tension. Only satisfaction. No judgmental behaviors anymore. Everything, everyone is so perfect, the way they should be. We all make a world, that is so much cordial to breathe one more moment.


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