Angels on Earth

It was total chaos in environment above the sky. He ‘King of God’ was furious over his courtiers. He was not satisfied for the arrangements created by his courtier to create a new world below the sky. A new world where a new life is going to start in very nearest future. He was shouting and cursing all of them. He was just keep on repeating, its(i.e creation) incomplete and incompetent to show greatness of it. He asked interior decorator to do needful. Interior decorator said all that we could do has already been done. All available resources are going to start so soon. And if more resources are available then I shall arrange them too. My poetry could not sound well if it has flow in its writing.
So, then all attention was centered towards the builder of that new world. Builder repeated the same story that he could not build more stuff because of unavailability of proper materials. He has already built oceans, mountains, caves, natural bridges, plains, rivers, ponds, forests full of birds, animals and insects. Even he is ready with prototype of human with mono gender idea. He can start production of humans as soon as ‘King’ order him. ‘King’ asked about previous complaint to the supplier. He answered flow of money is interrupted. So, I could not set more supply on time. The accountant also agreed with supplier in this matter. The accountant explained that due to much higher inflation he can’t provide more funds for this new skim. He has to care about current livelihoods at ‘Land of God’. ‘The King’ got realization of situation and so he asked about any possible solution.
Everyday I(i.e. ME) feel more love than the previous one for this beautifull world of mine created by them. Since the moments I regain sense of being me after my birth I could not stop loving this miraculous world. I walk passionately on my each breathe. I smell all the particles of environment without loosing any atoms. Fragrance of those atoms make me sense humanity. The colours of nature teach me living diversely. I inherited the idea of acceptance from the forest. Bygones are bygone is taught by rivers to me. Mountains advise me to focus high. Plains helps me in conquering my ego. Oceans shares their knowledge of living with wide incompleteness.
Still I can’t love this world for only these reasons. I respect all the creators and their efforts for these all arrangements in meaningful manner. Love needs something more touching and poignant sentiments to happen. This happens every moment. Everyday my feelings fly high up-to the heavens with persuasions of love.
Angels on the earth are reason for my such passionate love. They can be babies, girls and women. Just yourself imagine about environment where female character is present. Life never pauses at such fronts. They all are colossally beautifull and in turn makes the world more pleasant. Colour never affects. Black, snow white, radish, grayish, etc… Just pick any shade of colour, colour will find meaning of beauty after them. Even most of them are gifted that their skin changes colours as the shades of their feelings alters. We all know them with different relations like caring mothers, loving sisters, favorable aunts, sensible friends, dearest wives, coolest daughters and so many, but at the end they are one and the same. They are the base of our emotional, mental and physical livelihoods. They can treat, retreat and tweak anything to everything. They alone can balance this seesaw world provided we give them their space and right. They are much more stronger then us emotionally and mentally. They can handle any big turmoil and help us in sailing through it. They never let you know what’s eating them within their inside. Smile has found a permanent residence on their lips. With so much pressure and tension they just behave like nothing has happened and welcomes you with your so many other problems yet to solve. For physical strength I do not require to say anything as it is evidently known to all.
Still we treat them like a ‘thing’. We manipulate them here, there and everywhere. We use them and rule them with our unacquainted behaviour. Now and then we hear that world is growing, literacy rate is increasing, people have started to accept new culture and tradition and many other things. Then why crimes like female child molestation, rape, casting couch, domestic violence, child and adult trafficking and prostitution and many other are increasing. This is the one reason I stopped reading newspaper. They showcase the material which we would never like to keep in our dustbin, too. Staring at girls and women become the national activity these days.
I remember a dialogue from a very special movie ‘Highway’:

“We inform our children to beware of external threat but what about evils reside in our home with the mask of family friends and relatives?”

It seems that world is becoming home of unspeakable crimes against women.
As a male we need to think something about our position. We think we are the ruler but we are not. We are just keeper. Probably god is too smart that’s why he has not given us right to give birth to a child, otherwise this wild male could do very rough and harsh things to an unborn kid. We all male need to reassess our selves and senses otherwise we will lost our existence. As we are part of them either its s(he) or wo(men) and even here fe(male) too.
Now, its clear to me that when wind passes through me why I feel breeze in atmosphere. When I see her why beats of my heart are audible to me, my eyes’ slashes go down and blinks with respect. When she embrace me my entire world finds peace in that little space. Let us respect them.
So, I think now you know that, what courtiers have suggested to ‘King of God’ to make earth more pleasant and livable than paradise.


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