Guardian angel

When I am with her, I feel safe. Safe as a child finds herself in her mother’s womb. Image of my soul starts sailing an everlasting journey in the world of whites. World with white snowy mountains. A world where a river has a white big floating substance when moon appears at night. Dust raise its substances from earth’s grayish soil and marks its presence in entire ambiance when white horses driven by a warrior in white dress through the land of milky galaxy. She dilutes all corrupt nubs I have carried and collected during entire day from my chest and that helps me in breathing like a far distance star in the planet of desire. A star that keeps on blinking but we couldn’t realize it. Whenever I approach her she wide opens her arm and embrace me with her love, passion and fondness. We become sentient. She covers me. She is all over me. She seems bigger than me. She hides me in the cave of pacific. She encages me but I never felt trapped. She knows all my secrets and live with all of them.
Making a love with someone and sleeping with someone is completely different passion of human race. But if you join both passions then you are the awaken star.
Yeah, I love my sleep. I sleep with her – my sleep.
When I go for a sleep all my triumph, disaster, scary monster moments, big setbacks, mountainous milestones and achievements, deep inner concealed voices come to my bed with me. Until then they are in all over my brain and heart. Then she separates all of them from me and pile them at my foot. She makes me experience like a white cordial feather.
Vary rarely my past swinging around my foot started to haunt me and make me restless. I just wake up jumbled. I feel so much burden that I started to loose my breathe severely. She immediately run away with great speed and brings help. Suddenly clouds started to rain and all those burdens loose their painful presence in the cold showery climate. She re-tone human behaviour in me by saving me from relentlessness.
There are many reasons behind adoring my sleep. One of them is pillows. Pillows of all different shapes. Round, Square, Rectangular, Triangular, hexagonal. I receive tremendous support from them everyday while sleeping. They help me in sleeping with comfort and security. Security is of more concern to me as pillows have saved me so many time falling from bed. Even they never complain how much you hit them. So so many times have crushed them when I turned out to be an agonal person or I have felt lonesome. Dreams plays the biggest role in our(i.e. me and my sleep) relationship. Dreams facilitate me in living a life I would like to, but I can’t. She burns all the strings that cut myself from my imaginary world whenever its required. She even ensure every-time that I never be lost much in imagination. Whenever I started to loose my self entirely she takes me back alive in the world of reality and promise me that she shall be with me in all my next sleeps. She combines all puzzle pieces of my dream life and creates immense vast and thoroughly lovely picture of my spirit. Some scientific reasons also support my claim with their evidence that we all should love to sleep. It says it gives you comfort and makes your life balance. Sleep makes the breathing process normal and it achieves the equilibrium state. That is really important for any human to live a little profoundly. In this manner not only body but mind also achieves enormous comfort and balance without any external efforts. In this way we can contribute to society,too. As if we are in balance state we can live with other people such that piece at our side. Another reason seems funny but it really deserves its presence in this list. The clothes I can wear. During the entire day at work or any function you have to wear clothes that suits you in that environment. Clothes based on others’ preferences. While at night during sleep you can wear what you like or you don’t have to if you desire so. I love to sleep as If I go to her, she assures me for next morning to take place. This way she keeps me away from my biggest fear. The fear of loosing yourself forever. Fear of never seeing the morning again. Fear of never talking to the people I love and hate. Fear of never teaching the students, without whom I am human without breathe. Fear of never crying again. Fear that after a little while all of them whom I left will forget me.
Oh she is awaiting, I can’t make her wait long. She will leave me. I can see her, feel her. So I can’t type more as I have to switch off the lights. I have to put my fancy keyboard at side. Power of my big PC. Pulse are beating, birds are talking with silence, houses have switched off their light. I am going to her. See you soon enough as she has promised me for a bright tomorrow with more surf on my side.


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