Where do Babies Come From?

World around us is spectacular. The scientific theory says that earth revolves around a nearest mega star named sun with a flying speed of 30 km/s. Amazing and interesting. A question always bubbled in me between the veins of heart and mind but it has never taken a route to mouth. This question bubbling underneath my body is “when in the morning we wake up after a massive mind struggling practice and when we land our foot on land it takes at least half a second and still we can land it at same place everyday, shouldn’t we land few miles away!?” We will discuss about this in later post as still this question feels safe inside me.
In the later part of yesterday I decided to go for a walk. I couldn’t find a company as usually people prefer to be in bed while clock is showing 5 in the morning. Definitely no one even care to answer my cell. So, I was on my way to public park alone. It was dark sky and snow white roads. Snow was shining deliberately in different manner. I think its due to florescent lighting of advertisement holdings.
At public park I received overwhelming response from every bench. I took the one in center of park. View around park was beautifully dark. In the water of fountain pond I could see the big towered buildings touching the sky. Far away mountains stretched attention of my eyes through their mumbling beauty because of chalk white snow. Breeze circulating around gave them immense gigantic fame. While enjoying this beauty I found peaceful sleep. Suddenly, I felt that a bullet has just blown my head. I had feeling of being turmoil. After couple of seconds I realized I was attacked by few children playing with a big loose ball. It was half past 8 in the morning. Public park was full with humans, dogs and cats. People and animal were enjoying beauty and one more glorious day of their attractive life.
Suddenly I found life itself at the very next bench. A sweet, cute baby girl with pink chick talking with a woman. Presumably with her mother. Mother was pregnant. No, I know that as she was pregnant, she became mother. But, she was pregnant while talking with her angel at park. A girl was reciting a poem aloud. Mother was busy in enjoying company of her two child. Right hand of mother was constantly moving around her belly. All of a sudden, the girl asked her mother “how babies are made and from where do they come from?”
The hand has stopped moving around her belly. Eyes were shocked. Mind has just experienced a blast due to a cute, sensitive and funny question. Heart was confused. She felt real embarrassed after realizing my presence. I gave them little space and changed my place.
This was really a crucial time. Here, what to say and what not to say is really important. Even how you explain the realm of matter is of much interest. I don’t know what that mother has told to her bright kid. I prepared my answer with all my imagination and little reality for my future kid. Here, I would like to share it with you my beloved reader.
I would like to answer that weirdo question to little my baby ‘kapalaran’ in following fashion.
I asked her to wait for few seconds so that she could feel that she has really asked a strange and tough question to her intelligent father. She gave me the “I know you’re not going to answer” look. Then I asked her to close her eyes. After she did that I put my palm on her eyes. I spoke ‘Listen carefully, here I am going to tell you the most beautiful and intelligent story ever said in craftily manner only for you’ in her tiny little ear. “Our kingdom is full of love. People love each other very much. Like we live. Still one love is totally different. This happens between a boy and a girl. When this happens you feel that the next person is more important and valuable than oxygen!”
She inquired me on this: “I know we can not live without oxygen. That means we would like to love this person forever. Isn’t it?”
I was surprised by her sensibility. She answered her own question: Yeah, that’s it. This is really cool.
I continued : Once both are agreed that they both love each other more than oxygen. They spend lots of time together. They inform this big matter to their family member and ask for their permission to marry. After getting the permission from family they have a marriage ceremony. Then, they can live together. They can dance, sing and enjoy together. Again she interrupted me with a naughty smile and said, ‘…and surely they can kiss each other so so many times in a day like you and mommy do’. I continued after a little pause, during this period once in while they arrive at a time when their love and respect reach at the highest peak of human emotion. This generates a seed in husband and wife’s heart. The seed is transferred from father’s heart to mother’s heart. As two seeds meet each other love becomes complete. God has given more power to woman so that they can make a baby from this combined seed. Like every plant in our garden do. Baby stays in a secret place reserved only for new baby for a little while. Here, they get a chance to know the world around them through the eyes of their mother. During this period a mother and her child can talk in a signed language as you do with your doll. Once baby is ready she informs her mother in their signed language. Then a special doctor helps mother and baby. This is how a baby comes into the world.
She smiled and kissed me. She ran fast to tell this story to her mother.
I am waiting for this moment…
I know this is a lie but lets live with that. We are living with so many lies so why not with this little one, which never hurts anyone. So many times true details are of not much interest, kids just want to conforms their trust on their parents. Help them.
Enjoy your stay on this rotating kingdom of ours.


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