Help ME

I was reading poem written by my student in college podium(i.e. like newspaper). After I have finished it, My soul was silent. It was all about problems faced by a child in environment of school, college or anywhere. It was also about complaints of children from their respective parents. It was all about our problems from our selves. It was not about only him it is about all of us. Here, I am trying to write about bit a dizzy topic – depression, hope you will find it worthy and particularly true while spending your precious time…
Each day passes either better or little low than other, isn’t it? Few live very next day as a new start, always. Good methodology, but dangerous. They clear out to the world that they are not going to stop. We are all of not that type. At some point in life we feel just bad things. This happens in everyone’s life. No one can deny that. No one can escape from this fate.
You all of a sudden wake up early morning in mid winter. You don’t feel cold. You feel exhausted. You open windows, doors, run towards balcony. Basically feeling of void has completely occupied you. Haunting dilemma started to trace you as you close your eyes. Feeling of all worst things to happen only for you.
You love someone with all senses. You know the opposite person loves you more passionately and truly even than you. Unfortunately you can’t move to the next step in your relationship. If opposite one try to move with that then you shall not deny it, that is your stand. Now, every-time you encounter them their presence only makes you uncomfortable. You can’t ignore them . You love them. You need them. You can’t live with them. You find tragedy all around you.
You have certain habits. You know some of them are bad. You want to trash them. Everyday you decide to throw them out of your life. Your image in mirror seems a bit happy as well satisfied. In evening you plan to celebrate your victory for conquering a bad thing. Before celebration starts in the shadows of stars you are back with your usual pack of life. You are panicky. You want to hide from the next morning. Every flair disappears immediately.
You were a rock-star. Stage felt appreciated for a long time when ever you stood on it facing tons of followers. It was your power that your greeting them with good evening was also considered as a beautiful quote by your acolyte. You were smiling all time. That was your natural look – smiling. Now, you don’t like coins. You hate them. As people say that when you toss a coin then half of the time head appears and tail appears for other half times. Your past records proves that wrong. Theory of acceptance and attraction has lost their slightest effect. Since a long time past you found yourself out of world, alone in galaxies of ‘nowhere’.
You being a movie geek watch dozens of movies in period of fortnight. You can even find out entertaining element from a completely dump movie. You repeat sensible and crafted movie relentlessly. Now, suddenly when a good movie reaches to an end you call it off. You have stopped watching movies frequently. Reason behind all this your reaction is a complete heck. You just don’t want to end a good thing. You want to keep it alive, fresh. It’s hard to believe for other, but you can accept this without any further explanations.
You feel taunting always. You feel scared in dark, in walking alone for a while. You can’t sleep properly. You find lonely in class full of students and teacher. You feel that you don’t have any choices. The world is not going to accept you that’s your last thought.
Don’t run away. Life is never as it seems. It’s really compositely easy thing. Your decision not only affects you but all your surrounding. Your escape in an inappropriate way brings sorrows and pain to so many people. What you do with your life, surely matters to all of us. You are important. If no one lands you a help, go and ask for it. Don’t feel awkward, confused. Confess your problems and get a solution. You are a good and lucky person as you got a chance and at least you tried it with all positive intention. Lets plan for tomorrow…


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