Right turn on wrong path

Traveling in train is a pleasure journey for me. Specially when I have an access to window seat then my thoughts travels at speed more than the speed of light. In India it happens sometime that a train carries more people than people lives in a single village! People develop relation during journey and then again they travel to maintain that relation! Long time ago I had such sweet journey and I met a fun loving family. Here, I want to portray that journey for not only you but even for my self. As I would like to have happiness, too.
Here it starts…
It was quarter past 12 while moon was playing with stars. Cold atmosphere due to winter days. I was as usual before time at station. I got my place in sleeper coach. People were adjusting. Relatives were talking and suggesting about different precaution to their respective known people. Hawkers and coolies were busy, too. Suddenly I felt a fresh, gentle breeze. I heard a sweet voice. Seats in front of me have been occupied by a family, then. A sweet little girl and her father. Few other people also arrived before train has left station. After that for two hears I have just heard them. I did not have any conversation for that period. This was happened a long time ago, still I have tried to mention their parts in their original thoughts with my words.
‘Girl’: Papa, Why train does not ‘run’ on road like our scooter and my school bus? I mean why special tracks are required?
‘Father’: Special things owns special features. Train carries more people than your school bus and our scooter. Special tracks designed for train symbolize train’s importance in changed world. As big people draws new paths and lead other people to their destiny. We should always think of such innovative ideas and try to make world more better not only for our selves but for others, too.
‘G’: Hmmm… thats why planes fly across sky!! But, papa these trees, bridges and even people walking on road are moving in reverse direction of ours. Why?
‘F’: Smiles. They are either still like trees or moving in their respective direction like people. Sometimes when one achieves or on a way to achieve something with great acceleration, most often he/ she would find others on track of wrong direction. So, that’s usually not true. They have their own destination, their own journey. Let them travel, respect them and their destinations.
‘G’: Okey. That’s why you and mom parted away and still you two are good friends and take good care of mine.
‘F’: Confused between two states: Whether his lips should curved below or above to its normal position! Regain his strength and then reply to her daughter: Right. Exact. Sometimes it happens. You make someone your inspiration and you started to believe them your love then you have to live the entire life in make believe or you have to choose exclusively either your inspiration or your love. I choose inspiration. She is my inspiration and will be. We both…
‘G’: Interrupting her father, why she could not be your love, too? I am not complaining but I could have enjoyed my life more with both of you in same place. Right now I feel divided between you. I would prefer to walk while both my hands are occupied by you two.
‘F’: Feel awkward. For quite some time he tried to ignore eye to eye contact with her. Then while train was passing through a tunnel he started to speak. Hmm, I know it. The feeling of half full glass. You are confused whether its half empty or half full. Believe me ‘beta’, that is neither easy for me nor for your mother. Listen, when one inspires you, you make them your role model. You consider them white without any impurity. You imitate them. You started to see your world through their eyes and when you love the same person you come nearer to that person. You find them incomplete as you. That is dangerous, it will destroy both in agony. Not only them but it affects other people to. In our case it is you. We do not want to limit your world so we have changed our root.
‘G’: She said, ‘Papa, I am lucky’!
Train had a sudden jerk as my alarm started to ring. It was seven in the morning. I realized my true station. Left the bad and came to balcony with mysterious smile. Let me count stars…


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