Taste with empty stomach

Few days are so much hasty that they crawl through a window where hunger is abandoned. Here, we just work for fraction of seconds and time approaches it in couple of hours. Once it completes stomach ask for its stake. Now, whatever you have it’s like Diwali bonanza gift or say Christmas present by Santa clause itself.
On the contrary we overlook few days in criticism. We start observing everything before allowing. We suddenly feel so much interest in cooking recipes and all known and unknown ingredient. We prefer the use of high scale electronic weighing machine to measure the quantity of salt. So, on the kite flying day, wind is not acting as per our suggestion. It hurts us instantly!
In the midst of this extreme we always have days which we don’t know. We are reposeful for their existence. We just act like a frog in winter, hibernate in burrows!
This is all we experience entirely. Can we have same days, at all? We want it, but never have it. This I believed until I observed a couple, married couple. I am mentioning it specifically, because it’s damn tough to maintain consistency in relation after marriage. I have not experienced it, yet. Although observed it.
Every single couple wants it. Like every caged lions smells the wind of wildness. Every couple hope for love, commitment, patience, forgiveness, honesty, trust, respect, communication, shared values, respect from other side continuously. Do we all have it? Certainly not. To crave for them is like having over accent for proved earth theory. As earth rotates, so you can’t expect to reach India from USA without flying jet!
I know a couple since last 8 months. They may or may not know me(i.e. famous person paradox). Everyday same time, same path. Destined for the same place with a same gap in time. Same pace, like their legs are tied with a string. Coordination is effortless. Those forward and backward movement of hands on contrast to legs’ direction become more fragilely romantic when they touch each others’ hands. At this moment the yellow shyness on their faces makes me pink. When they faces each other, their individual shadows coincides into one, earth forgets about following the rule book. Now, that killer smile leads my mouth open with wide opened eyes. I just forget all about bike gear and clutch functioning and bike faces a sudden brake. As they approach towards the highway, they holds each others’ hands until they cross at. This shows commitment, love, trust, faith, care. When both reach to temple both crouch identically to touch the floor at entrance of the temple. showing respect to their myth. When they confront the statue of their believer their gestures show their satisfaction for all the things offered by great almighty. Then they see each other, eye to eye contact. During this moment time forgets to change. Wet eyes. This is really tough to accept. Again they hit the road back for the reverse journey. For them I think the expedition is more suitable word than the word journey.
This is neither a Bollywood nor a Hollywood movie story. Even movies can not sustain so much consistency. This script looks real if it is for one day, say three days, few more, days to weak, finally for few months. Oh god! Its since last 8 months. I believe they have conflict of interest. They might have same soul but different mind so their thoughts are different. Though they balance each other, if not they cannot be the same with every steps at each day. We cannot accept our self everyday, at every front, how they can do that with each other? Please tell me how you can blink the eyes at same pace, explain me… I am thirsty, a hell thirsty!
I think no one can. I am happy man. Here, I feel happy go lucky idea. I don’t want anything from their life. I am expecting same routine to continue. I hate holidays, as it breaks my chance to witness the glory of genuine love.
At last lets hope this winter will bring home the same fiesta to all of us. We witness the unspoken truth from the silent flute holes with broken guitar strings played by eye movement of blind person.
Thank you.


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