In a relationship with unnamed relations

We are all same. Isn’t it? Nearly, we live the same type of life. Each day repeats itself with the change in date with all unique identity. We want to make a difference for each day but we can’t afford it. As at certain moment you have to cry so that you can give the proof of your birth to the world, as some more years pass by you have to go school then colleges. After education having a job is the proof for your education. If you have job then you should go for family. If you started family then plan it and list goes on and on. It stops one day.
The day- when day and night have same brightness, intensity for you. Time stops. You feel strange for a while but glad. You are out of your normal behaviour. There you can have your own world where you can imagine ocean above sky, but that’s tricky idea for us, without any proof! So, whatsoever happens or not, life change or it remains constant, still we are growing. In terms of various relations.
Relations are more than the people. Two people share more than one relation. It changes, too!
Out of all those lots of relation, I love one the most! The one having no label, no boundaries, no safe guard belt, no hard routine, no expectations! The nameless unnamed relations! These relations are created by time during its countably infinite time-frame ticks.
You are waiting for someone at the same time everyday since a long period. You would like to just see them. Just want to smile to them. Everyday you finds reason to see those faces. We are experiencing this everyday.
At work, school, college someone is always asking something. Have you ever heard these sentences?
Hey, do you have an extra pen?
Hi, may I borrow your mobile for a call?
Sir, I just require a little help from you, are you free?
Hello buddy, what is your plan for lunch?
Yuppy, this is an amazing day. Lets go for a cup of tea.
Even person in question don’t want to write anything specifically, have more mobile phones then you with balance as well, know everything, it’s still early noon after having a huge breakfast with the same person in late morning and person is talking about lunch, it’s hot day with the temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, still it’s about tea!
I love these relations. This is surely about love, but its all different. Its absolute, pure. Like smile and actions of little born baby. Like its same sky but we portray them beyond the horizon.
Everyday you are following a route to someplace. Same route, same people traverse with you. You creates different relationships with them, too.
Say, hello to newspaper boy!
Smile at the milkman!
Wave your hand at watchman!
Give a naughty look to school-bus full of hope!
Have a feeling of satisfaction after seeing sky and earth at their place for your self!
So, these unnamed relations cherish us. It’s not true that we are creating unnamed relations with humans only. You can have one with birds, animal. We generally found them around us with specific notion, if we just pay a little bit of attention.
You get attached to your workplace so so much that when you reach there suddenly yours lips are 3.5″ widen smiling, you feel grateful.
You go for a dinner at same place (studying/ working far from home!!!) since a long period, then definitely you are not only going for delicious food. You know someone is waiting for you, preparing food for you with same care, love and passion as your mother does.
You start your PC and shut it down, immediately as birds are chirping.
You visit temple, multiplex, fare, exhibition, canal(i.e. particularly in Nadiad) its part of that ongoing process. Relation development.
I enjoy this unnamed relation term. I love this relations, as you don’t have to make any efforts to maintain them. They just take you and slide. They walk with you, wherever you go. I feel them without knowing, seeing like breeze of fresh air. I share them without counting. Unnamed relations just comes up all on its own. No matter it’s what we say -unnamed relation, but that holds uncountably infinite emotions today, which we actually ignore in our daily routine life.
I request you all to look at those relations and enjoy them and make others happy as well.
Thank you.


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