Beautiful is still Beautiful

Language. Language gives us a chance to read, to write. It helps us to think. It promotes us to prove our identity in this lost world. Language is used to identify the outsiders, too. Beauty of language is hidden in those words and it’s grammatical structure. Here, out of these two I Love the words most. As without grammar atleast I can convey my thoughts to other side of the world. The usage pattern has changed a lot as we evolved. From pages to paragraphs to notations only. Still importance of the words remains at peak of Mt.Everest. Today, here I want to consider a beautiful word from a beautiful language. So, please now relax your self a little bit, arrange the screen of your device properly, play a good music like a music of ‘Straight Story’ and enjoy the following words in my little shiny world!!!
The word, beautiful word about which I want to sprinkle is ‘beautiful’. Now, Just close your eyes for few minutes and think about the memories that helps you to recognize the beautiful word.
I done the same thing. Here, I am mentioning all those mine experiences with the word ‘beautiful’.
In India, during monsoon when after a month of heavy rain and nearly no sun, on a sudden day having full sun is the beautiful moment for me. I would like to enjoy the beauty of heat which has traveled around 8 minutes for only me.
When I watch the movie ‘Before sunset’ the word ‘beautiful’ means ‘Julie Delpy’ and at the same time here in bollywood that’s Kajol in ‘we are family’ or ‘U me aur hum’.
Either I am reading something or writing anything then everything turns beautiful.
You know it, this list is endless, as we never want to lose any of these moments. For you and others list would be definitely different.
If you are adult- just entered into the college, your idea about the beautiful things would be more fancy.
For you the person, to whom you are staring with a hidden sight even in the exams is the symbol of beautiful. Now, in today’s world that can be possible in opposite or even in same gender! Fancy isn’t it!?
The bikes, the cars, the dolls, the chocolates, the beauty products can be act as an meaning of word ‘beautiful’, it is sure possible.
With the changing world, the idea of having someone with whom you can pass the ‘time’ can be considered as the attribute of word ‘beautiful’.
If you are a person with established family, then your family is the most proper and beautiful meaning of word ‘beautiful’. Am, I right?. I am.
Each passing day with your partner and your children meaning of word ‘beautiful’ reaches nearer to the peak of Mt. Everest.
With the continuous change in age, having good health is even the rare idea of meaning beautiful.
If you are a person in age group of 40’s, without established family. Based on your choice or luck, that here does not matter. Then, certainly your idea of freedom is the most beautiful idea on the world and most beautiful meaning of word ‘beautiful’ for you, my dear!
For you changing the world as per your reforms can be considered as the meaning of word ‘beautiful’.
Even, the spirituality ideas might be serve as an meaning of word ‘beautiful’ for you.>At third last if you are elder person considering you are belong to the group of people have made family.
Then having grandchildren in your palm is the, the most most beautiful meaning of word ‘beautiful’.
Proud of having(living) a good past than current world might be the meaning of word ‘beautiful’.
Being a part of good family tree as well resemble word ‘beautiful’.
Sorry, but if you are elder person without having established family then sorrows are the meaning of word ‘beautiful’. That’s my views at the age 24, with the aim of having family in future at your age. Sorry, again, if I have ruined your moment.
And last if you are a child with the little finger count age, for you the thing which is possessed by other person of your age can be considered as the beautiful thing.
Your mother is definitely the exact meaning of word ‘beautiful’.
Crying, a regular habit can be considered as the meaning of word ‘beautiful’, at least for your family members(sometimes only!).
So, whatever you are, what so ever your moments but my word beautiful always appears beautiful. It’s fact. Even after 4.54 billion years word ‘beautiful’ is still so, beautiful.
Thank you.


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