The ‘STARING’ business

This side of world is full of several types of people. Different people, varied activities, vivid nature and skills, dissimilar likes- dislikes. Its completely heterogeneous. It varies from hunter to bird watcher, workers to managers, students to teachers, academician to professional, make-up artist to actor and actress and so on on on…
All are doing different different business, activities that suits their profession. Completely separated in nature, but unfortunately there is an activity that is common to most(most= all minus at-least me!!!) of us. That is most of us are ‘PEOPLE WATCHER’. We like to spend time in observing other person’s behaviour, activities, physique, etc…. The previous sentence is written in ethical manner. In true sense I can say that people are interested in ‘STARING’ business. It’s definitely ‘STARING’ not looking or eye contact.
Making eye contact is one of the most important aspects of how we communicate and is critical in making the right impression when we meet people for the very first time. Believe it or not, we establish our first impressions of others within the first few seconds of meeting.
Maintaining good eye contact shows respect and interest in what they have to say. Here, when they respond to our interest by eye to eye contact we have nothing to hide. We never feel being caught or trapped. We don’t need to pretend that we were not gazing at you, it was just, by chance an arbitrary eye contact moment. So for looking no need to feel ashamed of your activity and for staring you must.
Personally I really hate and don’t appreciate it when people stare, it makes my anxiety so much worse. I’ll be in a good mood then all of a sudden I’ll discover somebody staring at me, It makes me angry. Every time I catch them staring at me, they have that Cocky look on there face and in their body language and very specially the smirk look that I hate more n more. I don’t like it, as I don’t want to be judged by anyone in this manner. Most of the times this shit happens in public. It’s so frustrating, you feel like either a person from the other side of planet or homicidal.
Sometimes people are keeping a watch on me. For what??? Definitely to force me to behave in a certain way, stand – sit in a certain way, talk in a certain way, even wear the clothes of a particular fashioned. Oh gosh, save me!!! I am not put on any show, I certainly don’t need an acceptance latter from you.
Some people stare because they are actually craving to be stared at; staring at you is just a backwards way of begging to be looked at and approved of. Ever seen those girls who stare at you when you pass by. Yeah, they are looking for boys. I always want to stop and say “Sorry girls, no one is interested here! Better luck with the next one!” but I don’t because being a girl they would probably hate me and I don’t want that as I am completely selfish and might assume I am in love with myself. I am not that much self conservative.
Then you have the boys around 18 who are scanning all places for prospective meat, or are just still plain confused about everything opposite sex related and think staring will make them desirable. Stop it, grow up, men.
Sometimes, actually frequently you can find people of an older age staring at you. They are either comparing you with their perfectly crafted past life and based on that judging you like immature idiots, being jealous that they weren’t like you when they were young. They might want to say god, ‘These young generation don’t deserve a chance to live here’. If they ever get that, I am not sure.
World is completely changed. It’s changing. World has faced countably infinite ups and downs. Many business started and laid down in crud. Same will happens with lots of other. Sure as shooting not with the business of staring. It will keep on, continue always, no matter what other feel!


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