Enough yet incomplete day

Some days are royal enough to intimate you with glory. Being part of royal day, you feel like high wind and try to crawl through the seas. Atmosphere of a royal day force you to think big and you might started to forget about your shadow. At the same time some days are poor enough to chop you bastardly. Being part of poor day, you feel ashamed for your self and try to hide into cave of heart. Atmosphere of a poor day force you to think indefinitely big and you might failed to differentiate between your self and your shadow!
Recently I had a day that was royal as well poor. Started and ended in the city ‘Nadiad’ but spanned across the city ‘Vadodara’. You will not find anything novel, extraordinary, special. Everything will be simple, rather. So, think a while and if you have decided to admire the complexity of simplicity just continue your reading else sorry…
Journey started to bridge the distance that separate ‘Vadodara’ from ‘Nadiad’ by means of railway transportation. It was definitely through general(3rd) class tickets. Here, the single railway wagon is sufficient to bear witness the diversity of Indian people. You find people of various gender, colours, different different genetic race who are part of India through various states. People sit, sleep, stand anywhere and everywhere here. Place is always looks clumsy but still gracious and generous. Here, you can know the basic problem of Indian, you can find the solution for those problem from same Indian. They fight and then recombine as the moment passes. Always ready to catch you. Always you can find your space to stand, once you entered. People believe in sharing, starting from water, food to sorrows and happiness.
People complaint about Indian railway, I don’t. Train runs on time. Late by couple of minutes, can not be considered as late in country like India. Here the train usually travels hundread and thousand of kilometers spending plenty of hours, passing through bunch of stations and crossing points with limited infrastructure. When a train carries thousand of people, it has to be more responsible for their lives. They are doing that. Definitely AC coaches, Ist and IInd class are good, yet the same time even IIIrd class is not shit. Definitely not!
We(me and Jatayu, I can’t introduce him as friend,as he is more special then a friend!) reached ‘Vadodara’. A big yet clean railway station. Intelligent pathway design for entrance and exit. Took a city bus ride to reach ‘The Lukshmi Vilas Palace’. During the ride we found plenty of beautifull gardens, historical building, big statues and lots of famous and interesting things but I will write about them later when I can explore ‘Vadodara’ more.
We reached at palace. This is one of the most beautiful palace constructed more than 100 years before by the royal family of ‘Gaekwads’. Situated in the heart of this city, its a Marvel!! The stunning Palace with its intricate carving and grandness is a must visit in Baroda. Its the biggest private dwelling and the part open to visitors gives a glimpse of the royal lifestyle. Surrounded by a vast well maintained garden and by greenest tallest trees and largest banyan trees one can ever see today. From the point of architecture it is a must visit if you are in Baroda. The construction is done in such a manner that represents Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Christian . The current royal family stays in this palace. There is also a museum which can be visited and you can have a look at the grand Darbar hall ,weapon and sword collection etc. It is closed on Monday. They also have a golf course around the palace. Each segment represents something of everlasting value.The music player given to you as you buy a ticket explains it all. After all the experience of finest marbles statues, armory, architecture, stain glass murals one can find now here else in India is finished. The visit to Darbar Hall brings back the memories of kinghood, what we generally see in TV Serials & Movies. The Maharaja Fathesingh Museum is worth seeing especially for the fantastic collections of Raja Ravi Verma’s Paintings. There is so much to see that I cannot spoil it all.But do not miss to see fine collection and paintings at the Fatehsingh Museum.
After celebrating and being part of Royalness followed a route to enjoy the new, empowered, advanced India. Visited ‘7 seas’ mall. From there took a walk upto ‘center square’ mall. After visiting royal and new shining India, I was proud and believed that everything is fine. Suddenly my eyes got a glimpse of people living at road side in huts. They are Indian, too. Here, I faced the other side of growth and advancements. The technology advancement brings happiness, easiness and created lots of wealth. It makes lots of people millionaire. billionaire but at the same time it increases the amount of poor, helpless person. These are the people for who birds and air-planes belongs to same category. All days are same, started with same goal to earn something so that they can taste something. Here, eat definitely not sounds correct. I don’t want to just say bless them, I ask for the capabilities, firmness in me from god so that I can help them one day before my funeral day.
Visited two more malls and return back to station. Had a fantastic waiting time at railway station. People standing in long long ‘enquiry queues’, ‘reservation queues’, ‘tickets queues’. Had a return journey via train after it arrived. Back to Nadiad again.
This day helped me a lot to understand and feel for my country ‘India’ more. I can now respect ‘India’ more for its multidimensional culture. I can now honour the bureaucrats, that actually rules ‘India’. I believe in system that works for us. As this day was enough but yet incomplete, but for me my country and it’s system I conceive it as incomplete but yet enough!!!


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