I still love you all!

A baby girl, a teen girl, an adult girl or a woman they all share a same sheer property. They all are the most perfect creature, pardon me living creature! This perfectness is filled with their beauty – most part, sense of humour, fun-loving personality, compassionate, great to talk to , tolerant of others , cute, innocent, willing to give as much as she likes to receive, honesty, intelligent …. so anything that’s pleasant. So, here everyone is different, but same in that. I think that every one of them comes with something special and unique! Today, I have something different in my mind about them. That’s unique, too. Yet other side it’s somewhat ridiculous.
If you are one of them just take it lightly and also enjoy beauty of your this characteristic, too. Fortunately if you are not belongs to that category of gender then also you need to do the same thing, enjoy it!!! Make laugh from it, as much as possible, as today it’s free – for limited period only!!!
Situation – I
A beautiful garden at the back side of city. A bench under big palm tree. Sunset time. A couple is settled over there. Their feeling, vibrations are positively charged. Their gestures are showing shades of love. They are enjoying more than any other at that time on this planet. Suddenly the girl started to cry, boy is totally confused! He is thinking, had he made any mistake, asking repeatedly, without waiting for answer, asking for forgiveness!!! She is still crying with all her passion and saying through her eyes that it’s nothing. It’s not his fault, neither her! It’s natural, we girls cry so much, don’t know why!
Situation – II
A beautiful drama is playing at theater hall. People are enjoying. It’s comic drama. It’s about, how a person helps others through his lies. People are laughing, applauding the performance. Suddenly a different sound started to hear by other people, that’s different for this environmental set up. Sound of cry. Two girls are crying, loudly, a lot. People are confused, thinking what the hell is happening. Girls are saying nothing, nothing. It’s natural, we girls cry so much, don’t know why!
Situation – III
A class in in continue. Students are completely flying deep into the details of neurons with the professor. Professor is sailing in the world of brain activity through the elementary forces like synaptic adaptation, local and highly complex mutual interaction, sensing mechanism with effectiveness, etc… He asked a strange question, out of class of 60, one girl answer it perfectly. He praised for her. Then, he again continues with his effortless, still passionate and highly intriguing teaching. Suddenly, yeah again suddenly that same girl that answered correctly, started to cry. The whole class is shocked, baffled. Professor is in tension. He keep on asking her, about reason for her cry. She said, nothing sir, it’s nothing, really nothing! It’s natural, we girls cry so much, don’t know why!
These are just like 3 stars during a full moon night. You can have more and more such experiences. With any emotion makes them cry. If they get happy, sad, mad, scared, or nervous, They cry. I have lots of. Can you say, why do girls cry a lot without any particular reason? Basically, I don’t love this thing. I certainly hate this. I tried to find some reason. I never find them reasonable, except certain situation. They are exceptional cases.
The reason those, I considered are:
* They might be more sensitive, or some( I think count for this ‘some’ is quite large) might just want attention.
* Raging hormones.
* It could have been a minuscule thing, so tiny she didn’t care to notice, but it was enough to hit everything she’d bottled up inside.
* Onions!!!
* Manipulation.
I don’t want to dwell into more details of these points here. You can easily understand and even you might have experiences one or some of or all of them.
I am surprised. Why no scientist has tried to used a woman’s tears as an alternative source of energy. It can solve most of our energy related issues.
I think this is really enough. I should stop now. Please don’t yell at me for this. Even don’t start crying. Believe me you are the one for whom I care, no matter whether you are my mother, sister, relatives, friend, student, colleague and at last my beloved wife(This relation is vacant, right now! Hurry up!). I always remember to love, respect and honour you with each passing ticks of nature through my breath. Do the same. Love you.


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