It is lucky to be a child!

In almost all my dreams I find my self as a child. I don’t know why and how. Whether it is dream in which I am a well known author. This well known author is just signing autograph for his fans at the premier. The premier is for his newly published and highly acclaimed book. In this dream I am not behaving like child, I am a child having age around 8-10 years. Whereas the portrait of mine crated in beautiful words describes me as 66 years old on the cover of my book.
In another dream, where I am seating in the gallery of my house. This is my favourite place. I always loved to be here at the third floor of my house. From here I can sea the azure sea. I can have infinite identity. This is the place where no one cam disturb me. I can completely enjoy my self. Here again I look like a 8-10 year old child. I am not. As in the dream I had a call at previous night. I remember that voice. It was my daughter’s voice. She was greeting me for my 40th birthday.
Oh god! What is happening? These are just the samples. In most of the dreams I had the same visualizations. I was more puzzled and annoyed since a long time. Now, I am not. Fortunately solution is also due to a child.
I was at railway station. Waiting for a train to arrive. As usual I reached at station quite early. I took a place and start observing the place in detail. Soon, a girl – little one having age around 8-10 came to me. She smiled at me. I smiled too. She was cute, dazzlingly beautiful. She immediately took a place with me on the same bench. She started to ask various questions in her funny childish tone. Followed by the answers, too. I was enjoying. We, actually only she talked about barbies, gardens, play house, stars, angels, etc…
After a long time, might be around 20 min, one lady came and told her to follow her. She was her mother. She was seating just behind me. She(the little charming girl!) waved me and gone.
Here from her I got the answer for all my mysterious dream. She never had fear in trusting me as well as in forgiving me. Oh lord!!! I had the same inclination for living at that age. With the growth in age I wear a polluted mask. Actually we all have.
In trying to achieve the so called big awards we lost our original identity. We forget to smile. We started to measure the distance to say hi. We started to consider position during shaping relation. We initiated to judge people from their physical look and based on our current needs. We started to find happiness, love and satisfaction in sell. We started to divide the people in circles of friends, friendly friend, closed friend, loving friend, family friend, professional friend and so on.
In just crating a new world, we are no where between new and old. In mood of change we changed completely and become a lost ghost. The situation is that much worst that people had to attend the workshops “How to live a happy life”. We no longer have trust on our self and we can’t forgive anyone. We just want to achieve everything without loosing anything.
The girl brings me back nearer to the originality of living in this brightest world. She inspires me to believe in everything. Just have a trust on everyone. She influence me to believe in the idea of ‘Pay it, forward!’.
Live your life like a child. To some that might sound silly. As they can love unconditionally, and don’t know the meaning of hate. They live each day for themselves, but will give you their last cookie if they think it will make you smile. To a child a star can be anything they can possibly imagine, and a barbie can be their best best friend. They don’t think it’s silly to jump in puddles, talk to them selves. To them there is no such thing as your skin being the wrong color, dressing the wrong way and believing in the wrong god. They cannot be concerned with gossip, harsh words and fighting. It is obvious to them that life is simply a collection of those moments which give them chance to live a little bit like a heaven.
Let us start rolling in heaven…


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