I am following…

Everything was changed or in the mood of changing. I was feeling like ‘Rydberg atom’, a highly excited atom. It was hard to control my emotions, as I was stepping towards my dream directly from my sleep in reality. I was nervous, not afraid. I thought so many times before sliding that door and step into that heaven, where ‘people usually turns into debaters and discuss about silence with scientific proofs’. They all who I already know, Welcomed me with gentle smile. I was feeling great. I am still feeling proud for being with them, with my professors.
After a while a person entered into staff room, congratulated me. His smile, always flies like bird. Smooth, steady, calm leads you into solace. Gives moral, emotional strength to rise with them and stop worrying about diving into deep sea directly from clouds.
He told me that, now you will be able learn about the other side of the desk in the classroom. Then he told me something with that deep smile, that meant everything to me. I still remember that great line.
‘It’s matter of 60%, if you keep those 60% students of your class with you during your lectures, you have started doing something significant’. This meant to me like ‘A rare red ruby’.
This person is Prof. Malay S. Bhatt. My MSB sir. Loudly, our MSB sir.
Before writing anything else about them, I want to wish them for this special day, their birthday. On this birthday, “I just want to feel that you are the one of those few best person I have ever met in my whole life. You have changed the direction of wind, so that it runs the windmill instead of increasing the desert area, and I will never forget that. Happy Birthday to you, sir.”
MSB sir is a brilliant person, passionate, and with a great sense of humor. He makes himself available for discussion frequently, and he’s great to listen to. His genuine care for his students is refreshing. He clearly explains what he wants students to learn, and appreciates individual and new ideas. I now love a kind of topics that had once terrified me. He is such an engaging lecturer! I felt that whenever I go to his class, I would sit through storytelling time. He made compiler optimizations, theory of automata and data structure not only understandable, but enjoyable.
There’s two main factors that have an impact on a student’s performance in the class.
#1) The student’s own interest in the class and
#2) A professor who shows passion for what he/she teaches, as well as concern that his/her students are understanding the material.
Needless to say, Professor Bhatt showed nothing but passion for teaching every topics and went out of his way to go through the work, page by page, making sure that we understood what was going on in all senses. Now, I am following him during his lectures to learn that how to teach, how to explain. I am following him with closed eyes and open heart to be a kind, amiable, gracious person like him.
He is Masters of his Content.
He is Insatiable Learner.
He has a Positive Outlook.
He is creating communities for Success.
Of course, in addition to the characteristics I’ve mentioned, he has complete professionalism and never watch the clock like firm ideology. As I am here listening “pt. hariprasad chaurasia” and talking with starts in shadowed night, I count myself fortunate enough to have known him. Thank you, sir. Thank you, God.
Once again, many many happy returns of the day, sir!!!


One comment on “I am following…

  1. Each and every word written here about sir is perfect just like his personality…..needless to say….we are lucky to have him with us….

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