Pavagadh – A triumph journey

India is decorated with a multi religion culture. Each religion has a place that helps people in understanding several unfold aspects of every religion culture. In India, if you headed towards western India, you will encounter a state named “Gujarat”, which played an important role in the economic history of India throughout the history of India.It is one of the most industrialized states of India. The whole state of Gujarat is highly opulent with godly places of pilgrimage and holy temples. There are number of dazzling temple of mythological and historical importance in the whole state of Gujarat. Out of all of them I want to share my reviews about my visit to “Kalika Mata Temple Pavagadh”.
What you can find at Pavagadh?
Pavagadh is a famous place of pilgrimage for all Hindus as there are very famous and ancient temples of Mahakali Mata, and Bhadrakali Mata at the top of this mountain.
The mountain of Pavagadh is 2,500 feet tall, so we can consider it as Hill station, too.
Even if you are an adventure lover and love to take long walks and hikes to enjoy the beauty of nature, you must take one such hike to the mountain of Pavagadh. Along the way you will find just one thing and that is God, in terms of nature.
Sat kaman is the architectural masterpieces of Pavagadh monuments.
Pavagadh itself is full of stunning beauties, but above all the secret waterfalls emerging out of this beautiful hill and plateau which had been unexplored till date is marvelous. I will write about this particular place, later here. This is one of my favourite spot in Gujarat.
How to reach at Pavagadh?
By Air :
Nearest airport is in Ahmedabad at 190 kms and in Vadodara at 50kms.
By Rail :
Vadodara is on the Western Railways connecting Ahmedabad to Mumbai. From Vadodara you can reach Pavagadh in state transport buses and private luxury coaches.
By Road :
State transport buses and private luxury coaches are available to reach Pavagadh from various cities of Gujarat.
Once you reach at the base of this mountain, you have two options. One is to climb this mountain by bus or taxi up to Manchi and then, use the rope way cable car available. Using this option you would need climbing of only around 250 steps finally to reach the Mahakali Mata temple after the cable car ride. The second option is to take up the entire climb on your feet. This option is slightly strenuous and involves long walk/hike of around 2100 steps. Based on my view point you should prefer the second option as if you are lovers of long, beautiful and difficult walks with nature. Nature where you can walk through clouds. You can touch the clouds.
The final journey is real strenuous as it involves climbing of 250 very high and steep steps to finally reach the Mahakali Mata temple.
Though, this climb was tiring and strenuous, the views all around in the way are simply breathtaking. The fun of climbing up this mountain on your feet is really worth enjoying. However, this difficult climb is only for those who are physically fit and healthy. The view of the entire region from the top of the Mountain is simply breathtaking.
Which is the best time to visit Pavagadh?
You can visit Pavagadh throughout out the year, but best time is Monsoon. Here you can enjoy heavy rainfall. Monsoon in Pavagadh is during the months of June, July, August and September. Winters in Pavagadh are quite cold, and carrying woollen clothing is advisable. The months of October to February face maximum temperatures of thirty six degrees (36°C) and a minimum temperature of ten degrees (10°C). This is the second best time to visit Pavagadh.
Summers in the town of Pavagadh are quite hot, with temperatures soaring during the day and falling steeply during night time. This is not a very ideal time to visit the town as day temperatures will range in the mid forties. The maximum temperature during the summer months will range around forty four degrees (44°C) and the minimum temperature will range around twenty three degrees (23°C). March, April, and May are the summer months.
Yeah, let’s see about Rope-way ride at pavagadh.
There is good ‘swiss’ style cabin ropeway here which invites you to climb up its 842 feet height looking down the machi village spot amidst clouds’ at such a low heights!
Most thrilling place – The secret waterfall!
In the lap of nature, Pavagadh itself is full of stunning beauties. But what I am about to write is the most adventurous and beautiful journey towards the water fall. I am not joking, very few people knows about this place. We discovered a new waterfall whose origin and the approach is not known and public.
How we knew about this place?
We had heard from Parth Dave (one of my friend, who was with us during this visit) that many waterfalls emerge out of this mountain during rainy season. Many of us must have witnessed such small waterfalls while we climb the mighty Pavagadh in Gandola or by foot. We followed him and we started to walk into the heaven surrounded with lots of trees, some small beautiful ponds.
How we reached?
we started to walk on the way to Khunia Mahadev. As we started ascending, we went through the remains of the forts of 16th century, we could clearly see multiple waterfalls from the mountains- both big and small. We kept climbing. At a point we reached a place where 2-3 rivers from the falls merged.
At this point we realized, there were three waterfalls, which can be seen and from which the above rivers descend. The leftmost was the one where the entire crowd was diverting too. That way was always traveled as it also lead to the very ‘talked about’ Khunia Mahadev Temple too.
Now, it’s time for a risky journey. It is at this point we asked about the other 2 falls on the right. We asked the local small time priests, whether a way lead to those falls. A very clear NO NO came from them and they also added saying nobody goes there and there is a steep rocky terrain and is not possible to reach the source of the river.
We were shaken a bit, but all of us determined to continue towards fall on the way discovered by Parth, with that additional risk. But from the basics of mountaineering and trekking, a river descending from a mountain always have hard rocks along them and the best way to climb a mountain is along such river falls.
When we reached over there, i cannot describe in words- we were only over there. No signs of any human being there ever. We were at the height of Pavagadh, but on the other side of the Mahakali temple. Huge water falls, fresh chilled water. We bathed there for almost hour. One of the most fascinating experiences of enjoying natures beauty.
It is not possible to enjoy the life alone. You always need someone that makes your happiness, your moment worthy, countable. This journey becomes one of life memorable experience due to having lots of supporting friend during all the way starting from hill climbing to towards rough and risky way to water fall. I must include their name over here. They are: Jatayu Baxi, Rajan Padalia, Mahendra Kanani, Ashish Mittal, Jaydeep Trivedi, Parth Dave according to order in which they appear in following panorama.

If you ever encounter presence of any of this one, get closer to them and make your self luckier and worthy. These are the people who always come forward to accept you with your values and make a life long strong relationship with you.


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