Let’s share – Respect!

Today’s world is completely different from yesterday. Even tomorrow will definitely give us a taste of being unknown. We are changing at a lightning light speed in today’s world. Today, everyday we have new idea, new fashion, new principle, new heights, new risk and new life composed of nothing old. However exception is within every world. Here also. Respect. When people stand in front of you, by looking into your eyes, they just want some respect from you. This do not change, won’t change.
Respect the environment. I don’t want to discuss about the world’s environment. I want to talk over people’s environment, that include people. Today’s world is shrinking everyday. It’s happening as people have started to leave their shell and build new archive of success with lots of people from different environment. The reason behind all this is a language. A unique language- language of world, understand by all the people. Language of understanding your environment that includes people. This language is evolved on the idea of respect. Respect other people for their ideas, culture, belief and everything that is the base for their confidence.
In the yesterday’s world we have divided our selves based on religion, cast, culture, language – basically their born in particular environment. We changed and moved a lot up from this negativeness. Still we are again at the other corner of grave yard.
Here, we are dividing them based on their knowledge. Based on their position. We are showing respect towards them when we need them. Afterwards we are acting like standing at crossroad.
People’s eyes just need respect in other’s eyes. Satisfaction, a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. People are not working with us to listen words that don’t have sympathy. Today no work is possible to finish without help of people having different class of knowledge. We can’t divide the knowledge, based on the importance of our need. Need that change with every tick of time.
If possible ask anyone from your surrounding (including your self) what treatment they most want from you, with you. They will likely top their list with the desire to be treated with dignity and respect.
As everybody needs a little respect. You know when you have respect. You know when you don’t. But what is respect really? And, how is respect demonstrated towards the other people?
Treat people with courtesy, politeness, and kindness.
Listen to what others have to say before expressing your viewpoint. Never speak over, butt in, or cut off another person.
Use people’s ideas to change or improve work. Let people know you used their idea, or, better yet, encourage the person with the idea to implement the idea.
Never insult people, disparage or put down people or their ideas.
Do not nit-pick, constantly criticize over little things, belittle, judge. A series of seemingly trivial actions, added up over time, constitutes bullying.
Treat people the same no matter their race, religion, gender, size, age, or country of origin.
Never treat anyone so that he/ she might feel harassed.
Basically, treat others as you wish to be treated.
These all are my views, you can have your! Share them.
No matter that you are a million dollar baby or not, you can’t buy respect, it’s just happening in a simple give and take way.
Start earning…Have a good day with lots of respect!


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