2 sMiLe

I was confused during last few days, about what to write? Lots of topics scrolls out from my mind but unfortunately none of them reached to my heart. Again today, i am positioned in the same style, that i usually prefer for writing my thoughts as a post. Legs are fighting for resting in small region of window, speaker is on, eyes has to keep a watch on screen, but it is favoring something else. I am feeling everything steady, same as it was in the previous stanza of the moment.
Let me return to the original place, to my current thought that sail me to write this post. It is just regarding 2 dinner point. That day i was alone, during dinner time. I just went to “VANGI”- a gujarati restaurant. It is really nasty to take a dinner alone in big restaurant. Fortunately, something or you can say someone was already waiting there for me. Time is always at your side, no matters anyone else, even you are there or not.
I was seated alone, on a table of four people in corner and watching sometime time in wall clock, or the during other time the fabulous paining of girl passing through river with her little brother. That painting is really good. I observe while both are walking, the girl is trying to explain that it is her time, to leave behind her brother. It doesn’t mean that she is leaving him forever. She will surely visits him. The boy is just not accepting that thought and he is in a bad mood and keep on arguing with her.
Suddenly i found that i am not alone, someone is sitting in front of me. A little angle. Dressed in a white frock. She is continuously staring towards me and smiling. I got lost in wonder about this miracle.Where once my dinner time seemed empty and futile, now she fills me up and give me reason to smile. I can’t express her anymore, i am just find my self in an empty forest of words. We talked a lot, than her mother came from somewhere to ask me that whether she is disturbing me or not, as they were in waiting and there was no seat left to seat. That’s why she came here. I smile back, she got her answer and disappear, soon. I can’t remember what i had during that time for my dinner, but for one thing i am sure. A smile. That drag me from emptiness to straight away in hall of fame.
This is the smile which is always infectious. That force you to smile back.
As the title of my post is 2 smile, so i have to discuss at least about 2 smile. One is definitely the natural one the infectious one. The other one is much more different from it. It ruins you. You feel like your are alone in a desert and all the other people with whom you are, are enjoying in Arabian sea. The smile of others that stretch your face, nose you annoying. You find your self in a battle field. You are surrounded by troupes of other side and now no more bullet left in your armed gun. I am sure we all have experience with both of them. This i recently feel while taking dinner with friends, i just made a pointless comment and i became the Bollywood villain, continuously get smashed by hero, sorry heroes of the movie. No one was with my side, even I. What about time, you might want to ask? Sure she was. Yeah, she not it as it always brings happiness for me. In couple of moments clouds were appeared in sky and started to rain in winter. We have to change the spot and topic of discussion just got changed. I smiled like i got a Nobel prize for peace!!!
If you know any other type of smile, comment it here…let’s share them, spread the infection to others and keep on counting…


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