Thank you, Professor!

Sunday. Just out of all 7 days, this is just a single luckier one who gets holiday. We all love all the days with less or more extent with our own reason. We all love Sundays with greater love, that i can say without any doubt. Let’s unfold some reasons behind our human love for Sundays. Out of all most are related to person like me, who is still counts as bachelor.
No Alarm Clock. Just don’t leave the bed till the moment bed throw us out, as it’s now tired in being with us.
Special Lunch. I prefer to take a heavy lunch, with delicious sweet as the main course of my lunch. This always leads me again into the bed for a long long time as soon as it completes.
Sunday News Paper. On Sundays, we have lots of pages in news papers. We can read a lot, know a lot, laugh a lot.
Matinee movie show. This show cost much less and beneficial to you if you are nail biting friend of movies. I am.
I can read my book without checking on the time. I just needs to count the characters and my occurrence every time with them.
An afternoon night. After having a heavy superb lunch. I just rush into my bed. Have a long sleep, holding a book in hand, till sky gets again darker and sun hides behind moon and stars start laughing.
Excitement. Yeah, even i enjoy the excitement of having Sunday with me. I know it’s seventh one, not the sixth one. I enjoy majority parts of it, without unfolding either the yesterday or tomorrow.
This list can never ends. We all can have our own millions reasons to celebrate the happiness with loud and clear to our self. These all are special to me. You sure have some of them and more others, too. Also, for me several are not listed over here. Yeah, some i can’t describe and many changes Sundays to Sundays, so i can’t hold them forever.
There is one, that is part of my Sunday and me since last few months. A thing for which i can postponed my visit to my home town, my home. A time for which i can set an alarm without any doubt on Saturday night also. A couple of hours where my happiness just gets multiplied as fraction of time passes continuously. I feel satisfaction, happy as it ends, even some what sad.
This is all about a 2hour lecture, which i have on Sunday morning. For, this i can change the label of Sunday with any other days.
This lecture schedules early morning. I wait all six days, for just this 2 hours, to have with me. As soon as i enter in the class i find my self on the 2nd earth. The earth where just two type of people lives. Learners and Teachers. I belongs to the category of learners. As soon as “sir” enters into the class, i find my self blessed and luckier. I owe anything to God for this two hours.
Now, when the lecture starts, i can find my self inside the processors, operating system, or inside the data structures like file table, process table, u-area, stack and continuously running with process as state change within different structures. I am learning “Design of Unix Operating System” during these lectures. I can feel everything, which he describes. We both smile, as he explain something measurable and i as i learn something special. For me everything is special during this 2 hours. His gestures, his attitude, his smile everything binds, attracts me more and more towards the learning. I love that. Even, i am learning how to teach students from him. How to manage times and course completion deadline simultaneously without loosing anything. For all this i am following him blindly. At the end i am always requesting to time for one more seconds to add in this two hours, and it is smiling.
This is all about Prof. N.M.Patel. I have never had a teacher that made a class feel so comfortable in terms of speaking out extremely loud incredibly close to the core of subject and having class conversations in silence! If every professor at temple had the attachment and understanding related to subjects of this man, every student would learn better, better and better and have more success in learning in my opinion. Thank you for being such a great help in class, in my life.


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