A Light House

Craziness. It’s a something that makes everything fine, so perfect at the end. Every time i can just feel that breeze with still smoothness lying with it to hear it loud, clear. Shiny cloud who have crossed me always from foot to head without taking my permission, just to bring me the rain to give me a solace in worries. Lies have told me many times a real truth to wake me up sooner, without checking the time zone details. Life has always headed me towards life of mine, I was sometimes trapped in thought of that who is/ are the light house of my Life???
I can still memorize those 2 days clubbed with 3 nights around and out of that window. Just on the first night i found something as shining more and so more bright than anything I have ever seen, not more than the sun and moon. At first i have imagined it as a bright star in the greyish sky to entertain me, but as it’s happen first sight always makes you fool and gives other a laughter shot, as it’s happens with uncensored love. It couldn’t be the star. It was high but not that much, so it could not be part of sky. Then, what is it? I can still draw a straight line without using scale, on rough space, because of that line only. That light was traveling straight from its spot to me without any measured scale. I learn that. I owe a lot for that to it. My eyes still felt that waiting heaviness that I have passed in sharp thunder.
At that day morning was late. I warn her for that. I had forgiven her. Oh, I was not able to find that light, which i have witnessed last night, in bright shiny day. I have done 3600 rotation so many times to find it out, but I had faced the emptiness. I talked with tides of sea regarding that but they said sorry about that. They offered me to travel with them to the middle of sea, but I replied them sorry, as I love my self more than anything else. I have always felt proud while being with tide as after refusal even they spawn up to my foot, always. I was feeling betrayed from it, the light. After a while I had decided to wait till night and about a talk with it.
Wow, it was there again at night, but I made my face look somewhat angry, and asked it a lot question about its uncertain disappearance. Answers were ever in terms of laughter. I was under shadowed or over shadowed. I didn’t know at that time, but now I know, all the reasons within limit. I enjoyed the straight light even after that fight with it but I never showed it, today I realized that it was my fault.
Next, day I just wake up to find out truth evolved from laughter. After running everywhere, I was resting on a big rock and at far I found something. A house at sky, not exactly nut surely very much near to sky. Light house. Then I asked fishermen about that, they have explained everything about it. Light house is just to help everyone in dark, to gives you a straight correct direction to you, while you are headed to your goals. Still I can hear that laughter, every time I made a mistake in light, and they always helped me and surely will even in evil darkness. Now, i have always that light with me in every night and day. When i need a help, i just need to close my eyes. That’s it.
That Light House is – My Parents.I surely say that it’s true for all of us. Parents are really light house of our lives. I am not judging, i am just learning it today. You should. Thanks to god, for light house.


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