Keep walking!!!

Countdown has just started. After a so long time, actually after my birth, first time i will vote a person for my state election. I am talking about Gujarat’s 10th assembly elections.
The way I see it, the right one must win. It doesn’t matter with which party he/ she belongs. I hope it happens and, because it’s my nature to give the benefit of the doubt until I see otherwise, I’ll imagine it can happen… because that would be downright awesome. But, more realistically, I’m simply hoping for progress. That’s all. In October, when writing this blog this year, all I hope is that we – as citizen – are excited and feeling good about the direction the idea of democracy is headed and rooted firmly. The point is, given how things have gone the last five years(counting that never ends up…), though I’d love a World Series like victory of true one, I’ll gladly vote for progress and a better unity among us.
But, actually here it looks that i will wright about what is right and wrong? Who is and not? Why? How? But, please make sure that , i will definitely not do that at all. Actually, i want to wright about a 3day experience of my life. Interestingly this incident is very much historic and settled in a far past.
It’s around 1950’s. When my age was -37. I still remember that date. It was 3rd December. The first day of final workshop. It was attended by all the creature, who had to start a new life on the earth, on 6th December. All minister who have made heaven precious were also there. They addressed them and all creatures are distributed in groups. Now, they had a workshop to learn about what to do, in their new life, based on their role on earth.
Groups were interesting. On the “Purple Wall”(i.e. notice board in heaven) their names were written. Out of all of them one which was written at the last, seems much more interesting. Group of Swindlers. There were categories for criminals, but swindlers were nor belongs to that. I want to know more about that, so i have contacted one of my friend and senior. He had arranged a dummy fraud pass of workers who had to work during that training session. For that i had to add his 3yr life in my life at heaven, so instead of -37 it’s -40.
First session on the very first day was taken by “Narad Muni”. He taught about how to make simple matter complex and hard to handle for others. He also taught about characteristics of great enemy of physical procreation. He had also shown some of the public relation tricks with them, as he him self is a good messenger. At the end he also addressed about the role of “Swindlers” as “Strife Producer”.
Next day session was by “Chitragupt”. This is the person, who maintain all the records at the heaven. He gave them idea initially how to deal everything with proper plan. He also suggest them to use new technology to keep a head to head contact with changing people, changing trend of world. How to design the trustworthy records and how to use them in efficient way to optimize the results in shorter period notices.
Last day session was more knowledgeable and interesting as it was taken by the king of heaven “Indra”. He taught them that how to use each and everything, person at proper time for our purpose. Ideas of manipulation, creation and destroyer with reference to proper time and conditions, those were the main points of session.
Here, on earth i found some of the faces which were there at session at that day. They are known as politician here. I realized that they are really doing as was suggested to them at school of heaven. As, actually this is the hardest thing to do. Today, i can see that this new generation never allowed others to suggest them, they just want to learn by failing only. Suggestion are prohibited from their life science theory. In the 15 month of teaching experience, i evaluated that students never want to follow the properly chosen path, they just always want to try something new big. There is nothing wrong in that, but if they just learn something, follow some proper guidance of teachers, parents they never laid down in catastrophic situation from where the idea of recoverability doesn’t exist.
But, this swindler people are doing their duty properly, and for that only i want to vote them. I want to salute them!
As whatever happens, sometimes you find everything as mirage, it’s too possible. Just find the birds and make a continuous walk with them and find a well along with mirage without having so much wail along your side.


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