order order!!!

I am sitting on the shore. Sky is on my left side and sea is on my right side. Sea is entitled of wind. Water is flowing around me and giving me a hot look in the month of winter. Starts are shining in a brighten way with sun at 12 noon, far from moon. I am listening with my nostrils the epic sound, produced by winds in a fight to reach up to me sooner. I am feeling the memorizing moisturize smell spreading from the drift of sands through my aperture. The place is forcing poetic words to slip from my sense to disturb the silence lied over there.
I am fine. Alright. I am just judging something. Is it wrong? OR, may be i am judging something early, without giving some time to it and even to me. Isn’t it corker?
Beauty is far away from the aspects of judging. Judging has never pulled the trigger at correct time for anyone. It can never makes two to one.
When you judge someone, you don’t define them, you define yourself.
What we see in others is essentially a reflection of ourselves — our projections and prejudices. Anytime you judge someone, you reveal more about your own character than anything else.
By judging just one thing is possible. We will definitely going to pollute everything which is living and giving us pleasure.
When someone(Here, unfortunately I am!) says that we shouldn’t judge people, what they often mean is that we don’t have the right to say someone is right or wrong. I would answer this with three lines of reasoning:
You are judging us when you say that.
Truth by nature is exclusive always
God is just judging everyone, everytime.
This idea of judging just get worst than a scary nightmare when your judge regarding relation between two seems far away. So, just judging two as one in relation shows your insensible melodramatic state of mind and heart. Impurity is scattered over the humanity.
Why is it that people like to judge other people?
Pride, Human nature, Ignorance, Prejudice are the elements that shape it.
There’s absolutely no reason for people to judge other people for what they do, say, believe in, etc. none of us are sin free, we are not saints. People tend to run their mouths about others who do wrong but never look at what they have done wrong. Whether or not you are right or wrong about what someone has done is wrong or right , ask your self this is it your business? if it doesn’t involve you why is it so hard for people to stay the hell out of it. I ask a question and get judged on what i asked.
Here i want to quote a true line. “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”


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