I am a miracle. You are a miracle,too. We’re all miracles. Know why? Because as homosapien, every day when we step down doorstep, and during all that time in outside world we know, we all know… that the things we love, admire… the people we love, admire… at any time now can all be taken away. We live knowing that and we keep going anyway. Animals don’t do that.
So, as we all are miracles. We have to expect something surprising from our normal behavior. Something unusual may happen. Something that you even could not dream in a worst nightmare may taken place by you. Nothing is last, nothing is first. Nothing last forever here. Neither bad nor good.
Anyhow past can never be considered as an affecting measure either for present or for future. As a person we change, our behavior alter with the continuous transformation in the degrees of heat produced by sun. The status of a person is always viable to change. As the status move forward and backward, crosses the boundary lines, eventually it gets altered with new label. This change brings the flavored variation in human -us.
Reason for all the change, even a mild one is – hunger. Hunger for money, power, success, love, position, life, family satisfaction. Hunger keeps everything narrative everywhere, where realism needs a complete story. Struggle born soon when hunger realizes to happen. Struggles is the one which is responsible to deviate a person from one state to another, continuously. Even person is able to realize that transformation after crossing the boundary. When hunger for self to state clear gravitate struggle firmly it eventually burn out all good goodies and person started to act evil from the opposites’ eyes. Happens with all.
Just, when human itself realize a tremendous negatively shaded change. They have just two transition available to quit from the current state, one is self transient move that keeps your desires in burning mood, while the other is acceptance of being a normal. Start acting a normal keeping a move in direction of violate change, being a super magical human being.
Sometimes we are having a realization of being good. We are living, acting and behaving with that conceptual fever factor. While in reality we are justifying our informal deeds in our right of satisfying our hunger, needs. Best example for this is a cheating. Cheating with everyone, everything available. Here, realization is surely happens, then the forward route of journey is again in questioning based on the guard condition considered by individuals.
Don’t be afraid, if you find your self to the opposite end of the destiny, just close your eyes and dive into deep again for a next magical moment to dig. The miracle follows you everywhere, where you find yourself.
So the sky is everywhere with us, miracles are too.


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