It’s good to know. Really, that you are a good person. True person. At the end we are either pilot or princess. We switch forth and back with them, but always either of the two. No chance for third option.
How much you get wet in rain, no matter. Still your palm get a part where you can fill emptiness of drop. Catch more and lot more. It’s still there.
Pilot: A driver, walker used to carry other people of own planet, entered into some other planet alone. He is lost. He needs someone, to walk a side with him. To make a run on path.
Princess: The cutest person on earth. The true one. Not the facial one. Who helps everyone to get more better. To walk along. To understand each other. To understand them self. To help people to understand the different curves takes place on others’ face for help, thanks, sorry, annoyment, love, hate, care, sure, shock, etc…
Which one is better? Pilot…? Princess…?
If it is asked to me and really if i have a choice to choose, then i go for dumb one. Pilot. As i think i am.
I love to be lost between north to south and along east, west. I love to be true through avenue. I love to be sure about certain things. About learning. About acquiring. About enough. I love to see the pure, live color green of a leaf while raining is in progress.
I love to do some foolish things without knowing. I want to react with sorry expression curved on my face after realizing or after informed from them about the wrong part. Same way i want to blast with laugh expression when the beloved person inform me that either i have made a joke or done a crazy thing, with him – of-course laugh not thing. A lot other things, moods to. This is few from a lot about why i want to be a pilot. Even, I do want to love princess is also part of them.
I don’t want to teach others truth that seems ugly, worthless, tangled with moisture. I don’t want to lead people, who looks back more than forward. Lack of trust. Simply i don’t want to rain either in summer or in winter. I am waiting, i can for monsoon. I am sure, it will be soon. I do.
As we can see the big thing from the small hole but converse fails, definitely. I am sure, about that. You, too.
This is just about a choice. Do we have that? Any chance, too? No.
Actually i should not have that choice and any chance. Even not for you. Both are one. Princess and pilot. Both can’t be separated. They forms the complete shape of being natural in nature. It’s kind of when i will find you, i will get me, too.
Enjoy both in and out of cloud.


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