It happened many times. I failed, fainted many times regarding this. I have thought about that logically and even spiritually, but regrettably i could never reach there. Whether i should cry or laugh like a blast or just make a weird face with twinkle eyes.
Here, there and everywhere people just say, Hey! that’s easy. Just Focus. A little more focus!!!
HoooooooooooooooooooooooooW? 1+1=11. How? I am an engineer, a computer engineer. Need a chance.
I started with abacus maths. I wrote. I thought. No. No-way.
I took my self to number theory. Which says that 1 is an integer with the first positive odd value. It adds that when you add it with another odd number result must be even. Here result is 11, that’s odd number. OMG oh my god! No. No-way.
I had a pencil and a paper, graph paper. I drew two line each representing vector quantity 1 on two axis. Here also resultant vector was shorten to represent vector quantity 11. No. Hey, not!
I just opened closet. Go through my certificates and degrees and felt a lot relief after verifying that, yeah i have cleared all of them with flying colors.
Suddenly flash light appeared on my phone screen. I messaged 11 people about my question. Out of 11, 5 replied with 11. 4 with both answer. 1 says don’t know. Still waiting for 1 answer.
I was compressed. Heart was thundered. Mind was crashed. Reboot was just like abandoned.
Then, i got three words. Interpretation, Understanding, Manipulation. I rearranged them and then, a fantastic sequence started to appear with some other words plugged with them: Layman, Interpretation, Understanding, Failure, Ignorance, Frustration, Manipulation.
So, 1+1=11 is seems logical, mathematical. Sure. Definitely. When the front light is get busted.
It’s ways of manipulating in your favors instead of understanding reality.
Dictionary says that understanding means “be close to” and manipulating means “to handle by trickery” (i.e. cheating!).
In a today’s advanced rainy days it’s (manipulation) definite way to knock a success. Illogical. Irrational. Illegitimate. Inconsequent. Implausible. Completely incongruous. I believe.
As a human being, we all know the true and wrong. We start with true. As soon as we feel that we are running out of time. Our possession of our position, power started to arise the e-g-o. It gets hurt. We move on manipulation, keep behind the understanding.
We use some, all. We use our self. We loose faith. We loose trust.
In a desire of showing something bright about us- our task to other, it’s definitely sour to manipulate everything. Power, position that’s just at a instance when time is with us, at the very next lap it’s all against us. Even mirror is filled with emptiness. Then forgiveness is just the joke.
As at the end whatever you can do, manipulate – 11 is just an odd number. Never it can be even. Never ever.
So, forever 1+1=2.


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