Kettle Time

Everyday it starts and ends so that again it can start and live with you. I am addressed it as “day”. Most of the people believe that the start of the day is important and have several myths about it. Out of track i believe that it’s not the start but the end of the day that make everything saffron. If you thought that why? Then, i have a point here.
Thoughts. We don’t have control over our thought process. So, a not normal, good ended day raise lots of dumb thoughts in mind and forces the day to last longer. It might make the dreams fiery. It might make sleep uncomfortable. It really disturbs. Disturbance during night cause a severe ripple effect on the very next day. So, i always wish that i have a fantastic, calm, normal day end at the end of the day.
Thoughts after bed time is really bad to experience.
Fortunately, since last few days i got the very true, kind, patootie like day end. It’s due to most of the day end with kettle time with friends near Kidney Hospital, Nadiad at midnight 12. This thing influenced me a lot due to dozens of reason.
1. nature
At midnight the sky is either full cloudy or full of starts. Pathways looks wider to travel. The talks of leaves. The poetic yellow-orange street light blinks. The perspicuous sound of train whistle gives a jerk to my ears’ muscle.
2. @back seat on bike
Making a way to kettle place, while sitting at the back seat of bike. It’s astonishing. Due to the open, wide road breeze pushes heavily towards me and it’s gentle touch let me at cloud9. It plays some vocals into my ears. My eyes get closed to fill it high. My hands get widen to cover it completely. Heart lives, feels and start acquiring craziness.
3. @front seat on bike
Movement of front wheel that force the rear wheel to follow, can be observed from if you are the rider of bike. The rim is continuously changing co-ordinate on forward direction on pathway. The light flash appear in a magnificent way in your side mirror can be noticed from the front seat only. Open roads flatter me to do some stunts with bike, but my little cozy heart always stay far from it.
4. known Friends
During last 5yr straight journey at Nadiad helps a definition lot in evolving.The definition of friends. Now, this definition is very much simple for me. The people whom you meet @Kettle @12 midnight, the people whom you greet even without noticing that they are busy or not, the people with whom you can laugh in rock solid manner without considering presence of other at same place. I have lots of. I am lucky for that.
5. unknown Friends
My definition of friend fly across the border of knowing person to lots of known faces. Now, for me lots of faces whom i can’t recall by their names find my side as my friend. With whom my relation is started with smile. It’s more than sufficient, i feel.
6. chit chat
People and in common male, always blame on female that they have a bad habit of chatting, chattering continuously without taking a little breathe. I think we male are not so far behind then them – female. We have tendency to consider the politics, cricket, movies rating, education policies, budget and so called intelligent domains to bipartite in our influence with rush hour talk. We do, so they do in some other intelligent domains. I like chit chat with friends, having a cup of tea in one hand, second hand is either acting somehow to convey my ideas of intelligence to others or trying to hold some snacks. I love chit chat, as i am human and i got a chance.
So, this is why i love midnight time – Kettle time. I want a hold on it, but that’s not possible. No worries. I have a lot of memories. I will still have a lot. That’s enough.
At the end i am writing some name who are responsible for this, still others are there but i don’t know their name, my unknown friends. I am keeping count on them.
Here are they,
Jatayu, Parth, Rajan, Jaydi(ee)p, Mahendra and lots of unknown friends with known faces.


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