Hello everyone, hope you all are fine?!
As soon as my name was announced, i started to walk. 21 steps i took towards the direction from where right now i am receiving appreciation for my last 25 years continuous work in this field.
I am very pleased to receive this award. I am very pleased also because it was one of my child dreams to stand in front of many people accepting an award recognizing my qualities and achievements. So, today all of you are present at the fulfillment of my dream. I can’t express my excitement and inspiration with this award. Then, in the years of my unclouded childhood I couldn’t imagine how interesting my life would be. Of course, I faced a lot of challenges each day i failed to get success and to overcome them and gained outstanding experience.
First, i want to say thanks a lot to this organization that gives us and our work a recognition that is never essential but somewhat seems mandatory in our today’s society. I have done nothing new, here. I am not Writer. I couldn’t be a scientist. Definitely not a social worker. Even i am not a celebrity. I have just followed the path that address me to full fill my duty in every right terms at my work place. I should tell you that throughout my life I always meet people who are so inspired, talented or skilled that I can take something from them. I am always opened to new initiatives, new people, and new cooperation. I think it is the pledge of successful performance today, because the world is changing so rapidly that we can fail to keep abreast. Active position is beneficial today. So, guided by this principle I always take the best qualities of my employees, friends and family, apply them to my professional life and so you can see me here. Of course, it is a joke, but I do learn from my environment. People around are far cleverer than some might think. You only have to listen and watch attentively. More specifically I want to express my gratitude to my family, which supported me in all my undertakings, my work place and everyone I work with everyday to make my day brighter, and how could i forget all of you, all of you are also so much important to me, as i don’t want to receive an award into a void shell without the clapping sound echoes continuously, So thanks a lot to make my day and be with me at my big day.
[stop for 11 seconds….]
Sorry, but i couldn’t take this glorious rewards with me, i couldn’t accept it. Sorry i couldn’t able to bear the weight, the power of this honor. Sorry!!! For that i have a reason. Let me make it clear.
When i have started my work, i started to enjoy it. I was true, complete as white with my work, my passion, what i wanted to pursue in my life. But as time passes, i was surrounded with lot of other tasks simultaneously. I was used to reply “yes” every time for every one. That drop by drop took me into the opposite direction from my own intended one. Then time by time i started to believe it as my duty, involved my self completely into that. I started sailing heavily in that direction. I have not just take a wrong turn, but i have make the way wrong. I started to receive appreciation for that my so called other works and duty. That aids cumulative ego in my self.
Yeah, that’s completely right that i have done that duty with all true, all respect for that. But it should never my primary. Never ever.
I am realizing this thing, now. So, today here i apologize to all of you. I promise my self to again start sailing in original intended direction without waiting. I have already started it, now, here!
Here, today if i accept this valuable appreciation from you than it always push me to the past and i don’t want to look through past. So, i kindly apologize to all of you. Sorry! I hope you understand me like a pure sprinkler sound. Please if you can believe me, trust me then pray for me that one day my childhood dream may come true.
Sorry.Thank you.
[Speech Completed]
This meticulous speech is imagined. Not real, but it can be for me, even for you and for all.
Thank you!


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