Hold on

What if someone asked you to show that how much you love your country, your mother land or home town? Here, you can have definitely lots of way to fit your self right into that spot that make them assure. Most of the time on independence day we find that we love, respect, adore, admire, worship our country a lot, more then the every other, all other day we don’t have holiday to remind us about that so we don’t. Along with that we started to celebrate the foundation day of some city either home town or the town where we grown up. The city-place where we have evolved inch by inch by the spin of day. We might miss this as we don’t have holiday for that day.
Even our emotion is rooted deeply with the house – particularly we named it ‘home’, from where we started to raise our self high into the nature. Basically ‘Home’ helps us to fit our self into any foot, easily.
3 place Country, City, Home makes a set which can be signifies with a same property. Am i missing anything? Yeah, nope, no, definitely no chance, no…no…yes…???
A place where you born. Hospital specifically maternity home yet another home that must fits into the same set we described. Do you agree with me on adding maternity home on that list and giving it so much attention, value? Definitely not a chance of disagreement.
So, i thank some one for reminding me about this place after 8095 days passed away on earth, where actually count was get started. It was an advertisement that helps me to remind about that one. Advertise of building a mall on the place of hospital, as per them old hospital. I figured out more details and i found that the hospital would get demolished in fewer days.
After some successful linkage between my thoughts i was again at that place, where i was first time before 8095 days.
I remember that, i had really amazing feeling while i was entering into that empty place. After passing the lobby i found sequence of rooms parallel to the walkway. On the second floor i found the operation theater. The place where i was first appeared physically with the weight of 2.8 kg. There is a funny matter related with my birth that i want to share with all of you. Actually at that time it was not a funny, not a little bit. After born i didn’t cried. It’s necessary that a new born baby must cried immediately. According to science the reason is that “The nose and mouth of the baby are suctioned to clear the baby of all secretions and to aid in its first breathing efforts. The baby should begin crying within the first 30 seconds to one minute of life”. I didn’t cry normally. So, to accomplish this, gentle stimulation is usually required and accomplished by rubbing the baby’s back or gently stimulating its feet, that was done by doctor. But, still i didn’t. So, all were in tension. They have applied lots of fundas- ideas on me to force me to cry, but i was with strong heart. I have gave up after 10 minutes, opened my eyes and started crying. All were happy, even i am today.
So, this is the place where i actually opened my eyes, smiled, cried, moved my fingers to hold someone first time ever and done lots of other things that i couldn’t do now, never.
I am feeling joy and only joy for this place. My emotions have quick bounds all over the place. Those weeks when i was the center of attraction for the hundreds of people are now just resides in memory, can never get back.
So, now after more than 8100 days living on the earth i can realize that i have enjoyed a lot many things on the earth. Enjoyed childhood at nursery, primary school. Enjoyed adulthood at higher secondary school, college. I have really enjoyed this campus named earth.
I have shared laughter, joy, smiles, tears, sadness etc… with lots of known and unknown people as a part of social life. Its composed of happy and sad memories but both are worth to me and hope to the respective people, even. These are the things which we have to earn, we can’t claim on them. We can’t force them to favor us on behalf of position, power or money. You need to, have to earn them penny by penny. So, just keep hold on everything which earn you all of them.


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