Circumstances taken place due to confused questionnaire that with whom to share and what to share your originality, your passion, your self it’s really frustrating and mitigating, until you understand a bare reality even sun is even not able to absorb all the hit produce by itself. Remember one thing that when world accept your originality your situation would become like moon, milky light is just scattered in the environment to the others while you are suffering with a great hit inside.
I remember the consequences happened when i informed some human about my passion. These are the people whom I consider as my own people. I said them that i have started to write post on my blog, please visit it in your free time and give your true feedback for my works. After some days passed one by one most of them replied me with the same question, from where you find this? I was shattered. I waited for a good review but i failed everyday. Good means never means a best performance award. It’s definitely not an amazing moment for me. What to reply to the people whom i had consider as my people, regarding whom i believe that they could understand me, but i was in the false island. But everywhere we have exceptional case, so i had even, for that i can proud to my self.
After this 6 month of journey at wordpress with my blog “ApurvA” fortunately i discovered a simple truth that originality can not be shared by you, never ever. Originality can be shared by your work only. That i am continuously pursuing, for that you might need to take a vertical and horizontal rise in a new environment. For what you were suffering in the past, will come to you without a prior notice due to your work, your originality, your passionate strive for your passion against all odds. Same thing is happening with me and due to that i am evolving inch by inch everyday. Here, at wordpress people can reach to me due to my work and i get a chance to improve by others’ work.
Still due to some questions my life had miserable time, why they haven’t believed me, as I ? What was the reason that most of them reacted in same manner ? Where i was right and where wrong ? Is really day is day and night is night ? Due to this questionnaire the confusion matrix was out of bound.
Let’s discuss the answer.
Why they haven’t believed me, as I ?
Relations are never meant to be symmetric. No one is made for you. You came alone and you have to exit even alone. The words like family, friend, enemy just leads into the circle of relationship where you can feel cold at temperature 212°C! Here i don’t want to convey that you have to just live in your own shell, otherwise you will be listed as an egoistic person and that’s halfway truth. Just never judge the humans individually. Priority for others starts after you only.That’s it!
What was the reason that most of them reacted in same manner ?
Because everyone believes that every literature is written by well known persons, but reality is that literature has made them known!
Unfortunately social networking is achieving remarkable success to decrease the distance between two bool value: True and False.
Where i was right and where wrong ?
I was right no where, wrong everywhere. Now, i am right with my self, atleast.
Is really day is day and night is night ?
It’s illusions only!


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