Got a minute?

I love it. I don’t know how i have realized it late, so much late. It was with me since i got a birth and still it’s with me. I feel like I’ve been in a coma for the past twenty three years. And I’m just now waking up. It’s anthem, my own country’s anthem, that i listened so so so many times but i live it just today. I listened it at least 29times as per media player track list count and still track 30 displaying the same file name. It’s “most beautiful song” i have ever heard.
“Today, this is one of those days, when it’s a minute away from ending. And there was this beauty showed up in the air. I could almost hear it. And these all my palm fingers were just … dancing … with rhythm of that music . Like a little kid, i am smiling. I want to hide my smile into the cup board, but i am afraid of thief so let’s hide it below the bed but again it’s not safe, so i am afraid that whether i am able to hide it from the world to save it for my self or not?!!! For fifteen minutes. Then after it’s just flushed away. This is the day when I realized that there is this … entire life … not behind things, but with all these things. And no reason to be afraid. Ever. I am smiling, the whole I am, not only my lips and chicks!!!
Sometimes, even today i found that there is so much beauty in this world. I can’t take it. I want to grab it all, for all my life. I can’t. I am afraid that my heart may get a blast moment like a balloon blast moment. I guess I could be pretty feeling nettled from the constant feeling about what happened to me. But it’s hard to stay calm and not mad when there’s so much beauty found from the world, suddenly. I want to remember that i should rest and trying to escape from it. Now, I am just feeling one thing and that is gravitation towards gratitude.
This is mine, yours life with lots of stuff and we are just living it without noticing anything, so start it and give them some importance as we don’t know which single ordinary stuff may makes your day, your moment, your whole life spectacular!!!, and you start living as that’s your first day of life!!!
So, hey! you got a minute??? If yes then just look around you and give a little jerk to your so called busy routine and catch the sunny raise which just comes everyday for me and you, blink your eyes towards the starts and moon as they shines everyday for you and me, feel sorry for the leaf of the plant which just turns yellow from green to keep alive you and me only, listen the birds’ talks and answer them as it’s one of the almighty things for which you and me both crave, every times.
So, just take off your head from my post(i don’t mind :?), from your device screen, leave your area and find your self in world, world of great stuff and live them and cheers for them and specially for your self!!!


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