Neither less nor more!

I was walking. With so many people on the road. It was around 18km measured in terms of distance, that i walked on my own foot. In the initial first 5km i was not alone, the whole city- full of people, vehicles, polls, boards, parks, lights, the trees planted on both side of road also walking with me. We were (me and city) talking about traffic, pollution, the growth of city, tall buildings, during that roads helped me to remember those days when i had a habit of sliding on road with my scats after 10p.m. without any traffic problem, now i have to be careful while walking even. Previously, some year ago the highways were not broad but it was spacious, now it is broad a lot but without inch of free space. Previously i was able to enjoy the takeoff and landing off that glorious jumbo vehicle from my terrace, now i just able to hear the roar of it. I was shocked, when i didn’t find the black, the white, the gray horses with whom i had crossed that circle many times. The fountain, the swings, the slides, the balloon men all were alone, children were far far from them. They all were just busy in playing with their electronic gadgets.
People were talking about sensex, politicians, gdp, budget, educations, corruption, etc… but i want to hear about the stars those were shining in milky sky, the trees which were dancing with wind and producing amazing music, the little plants which were shining even during night, the fountain with colorful lights but it was not happen even once.
It looks weird, completely void that we were all alone even we were all together. When it was near to end (the city) i had anticipated people walking with different musical instruments, playing fantastic local vocals with them and expressing them selves as pilgrims instead of usual people. But i was dumb dumb dumb de dumb dumb. Now, I was traveling alone. Previously it was white, then it’s sky blue not that much dark then radish even, but now, it’s simply black without touch-wood even. People were playing djs. I checked the route twice, thrice, i verified, i asked to people about the correct way but unfortunately i was on the correct path, even i was not.
So i just stopped for a while and then i started to walk rapidly, now i just want to complete it as much as fast, early, i want to run away. It was felt like bleeding without a mark even.
I was there.But definitely the place was not there. I realized that everything is just get changed without even stretch and scratch. But still the small lake was there with lots of pollution, the rocky mountain were there but it was gray instead of green. The charm of the place was just get violated. For that we are the only reason.
We have learned how to turn wild natural areas to dram land, how to exploit minerals to adapt our needs, how to build roads and houses to expand our territories. People continuously improve their knowledge and develop technologies to improve their lives. It is undeniable that these activities of human beings make their lives better than ever before. Nevertheless, those activities also cause side-effects to the Earth because of pollution, deforestation, and exaggerated natural resources exploitation.
Human intelligence. This I defined as, intelligence beyond certain point when it becomes destructive, even though the ill-effects may be in the long-run. The single term is behind all this happenings. The question I had to ask myself then was: Who gave us the intelligence; even the so-called human intelligence? Nature itself. So, is it like, nature is responsible for it’s own ignorance?
Can we say that the world as it is, is the only way it could be. Whatever the tomorrow will be, will be the only way it can be. We can not act against Nature, because we are Nature. So, we not responsible for anything. Correct???
No this is just a stupid way to hide from the darkness for which we are the only stupid responsible one.
Now, it’s neither less nor more it’s just exact time to get up…
Have an early good Morning!!!


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