jiffy living

This is about a place where you can cry with others or without others even without considering that you are surrounded by some human. This is about a place where your moods, expression, styles everything can get changed in fraction of seconds. This is about a place where you can laugh as loud as crackling thunder storm. This is about a place where you can sit with your dear ones with each others’ fingers get crossed and enjoying the smoothest touch for couple of hours. This is about place where couple of hours pass in couple of moments, always for me. This is about a place where you can get the feeling of night during the day, even.
It’s theater, cinema, movie house, silver screen, multiplex, talkies whatever you used to enjoy. I don’t know on which day i have seen my first movies on the silver screen, but from that day i just can’t think of completing a week without seeing a movie on rocking silver screen and couple of movies on my 17″ desktop. I am never able to differentiate that is it a reason that i love movies so, i regularly found at multiplex or i love cinema so, i have a color habit of watching movie. Whatever it is but i am incomplete without any of them.
I have visited different type of cinemas till date. It’s from live theater hall to today’s big silver screen with some magnificent exceptional cases like hut theater in northern India. It was “Rajmandir” at Udaipur which was the first theater that gives me a feel that theater is not only for enjoying a movie or a play, it’s lot more then that, always. It was the first whose interior attracts me, even today. It was around 2002 when i reached to theater whom have more than one screen and i reached to that screen via elevator. At that day i enjoyed first time the outdoor of multiplex instead of the inner side of that place, more. I have visited INOX theater, Big cinemas, PVR, Rajhans, Cinemax, TOP3, Galaxy the famous theater chain in India and several other single screen talkies.
I remember those days when i visited cinema hall with family then with my father and now days it’s normally with friends or sometime alone also. Now, a days cinema hall is not just limited to watch a movie, it’s becomes like a picnic spot, where you can find lot of famous food joint, game parlor, different shops for shopping, etc…
Everytime, when i just enter into that door, it’s lift the curtain of second world for me, where used to, wanted to hide forever. I love that world where no one interrupts me when i am wondering in my wonderland with smile on my face, a huge laugh that never bother to anyone, sometimes with some wet drops found on my chick, a stupid secret that stretches my skin and leads it to look so weird.
I love that electronic light beam through which characters and their masterpiece acting traverse to me via fabulous silver screen. I love those speakers arranged in a meticulous way so that i can listen and connect to the second world. I love those fluorescent light especially when they started to dim and disappear soon. I love that push back seat which holds me correctly in all my moods and sail the ride with me, every time without never loosing me. I love that steps which takes me into cinema and i dislike the same steps when it shows me the way to exit. I deadly hate those words-“EXIT” that shines with red light beam on the door. I hate that lights that informs me that it’s over, be realistic, it’s time to move. I feel bad and start walking, but after some time i stop and look towards the hole from which the movie traverse to me via beam and i reply, hey! i will be back, soon. This is my own world, i can never “EXIT” from here. As it never matter that, how much time frame i can spend inside this hall, it’s been always just jiffy living, always, ever, forever.


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