It was a monsoon day. Outside from bus window it was heavily raining. Smell of wet dirt was mesmerizing. The wiper of bus was continuously traversing from left to right and right to left. My place was exact behind the driver cabin and due to that i had a chance to watch the dancing, bouncing rain drops falling onto road.Cool, there’s a good place for me just by the front door. I was enjoying the nature at it’s best.
Actually during this fantastic time i just forgot that i am traveling in a GSRTC bus and i was surrounded by people. Exactly behind my seat two aged male were seated. They were talking, sorry actually discussing the issues regarding indian rupee crisis against us dollar, the indian gdp rate in the starting but during that time the rain was started so i have think that it’s better to concentrate on rain. But, suddenly i heard a sentence from an old man and i just got awakened from my beautiful time. After that i want to yell loudly towards him without noticing the other people present in the bus. For that reason was just an unfortunate sentence : “I am happy, as i don’t have a girl child”.
It’s shameful. This is what type of definition for happiness. How and why this happiness counts or matter. I don’t know. I don’t want to know. I just want to hide from these type of people behind the door. He was addressing to other that daughters are not helpful to the family. Daughters are useless! Unworthy! It is sons who are able to inherit assets.
Lots of question started to rise in my heart, a girl child is a goddess, the creator of next generation,and so many definitions we can give for a girl child,then too why our society is still not accepting the fact that a girl gives birth to a happy and prosperous nation. She given birth to smile drops that forms the ocean of happiness.
As we all know still there are such people in our society who don’t want a girl child in their family,some of them get them aborted while some cruel one of them kill the little princess born in their family. How can anyone do that? For How Long ? Why Can’t it be stopped? HOW CAN ANYONE KILL A DAUGHTER EITHER IN THE WOMB OR AFTER THE BIRTH?THERE ARE MANY SUCH UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. My journey became worst when i came to know that he is a gazetted officer. Oh hod, he is educated and his thoughts are like a caged man since the birth of universe, who hasn’t any idea about the rise.
How could i explain him that how it’s feel like blessed direct from god as having a sister from a brother’s point of view and as having a daughter from parent’s point of view. How could i explain him that how it’s feel when she speaks my name with different different styles based on her mood, when her a tiny smile gives wings of joy to my soul. She means world to us, everywhere at every-time. Respect her. Remember a single thing that in a grammar also we(he) are a just a part of her(s(he)).


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