We the human being is surrounded by different traits. They are endowed with us. It’s we who route them according to our needs but not our deeds. If we want to categorize them then it might be possible that we can draw a 30*2 table, even though it’s just a letter in poetry always impressive but with the feeling of lacking something.
All of the traits are related to human heart, if you want to charge them positively either it’s acceptance, rebellious, affection, ambition, motivation, care, change, faith, focus, jealousy, maturity or love even. Here out of so many, i have listed some and one which is nearer to my heart is “honesty”, but unfortunately “honesty” is never related to heart when sky is lightened up with positiveness.
It’s mind and your control towards the mind that raise the rays of “honesty” in the horizon where the sky’s the limit.
Today, we have – most of us have started to route honesty from heart, which leads to decaying of it’s whiteness. As heart follows people and people always change faster then time. So, the actual counter is never going to start.
Today, in the workplace the idea of honesty started to blur and towards to become an archaic notion.Honesty in the work place should still an obtainable goal. It just takes open communication and trust-building.True honesty in the workplace does not just mean truth or lies, but equates to simple, straightforward communication. We are loosing honesty in today’s days because we started to react based on situation not based on true aspirations.I fundamentally think that the people in the today’s world are well-intentioned, but I think people sometimes forget their mission and vision, forget their priorities and lose track of the long-term in pursuit of the short-term, when superficial cloned short terms just flicker around them. It’s just a single bad judgment and poor communication account for much of the dishonesty in workplaces, according to mine spirit.
Shown up your values in terms of honesty based on your involvement with your deeds not with your time to time attachments with fellows.
At the end, we are just adam’s ale made from it’s own puissance, and all we do is vibrate to the harmonic resonance of the cosmos, we are out of control governed by chaos, we are both opposite and equal, we follow the simple code of thought, word and action.Act with integrity and honesty. Do something else, or stop doing nothing, if things are not as per your mind preference.


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