A Question

When i was little, age less or more than 60 months, i was fearless. I want to do everything whatever assigned to me, with all my heart in. Without a counter question in mind or deep in heart. There wasn’t any worries regarding results.Results that always measured in success or failure. I just want to dive into something to learn that how to swim, everyday.
But, unfortunately based on the contract with creator, which i haven’t understood properly, i have to grow day by day and have to lose the originality forcefully, just to gain the shadow place on the heaven earth.
As i move backward from my own original originality, a hidden fear started to cover that place and has tighten up grip on me. Now, i have started to measure everything – my work, my people, my things, my relation, my self, my soul based on two theory. Theory of success and Theory of failure. I hate both. Yeah, i hate both. Failure gives me pain of being nothing and success gives me pain of loosing something.
So, i started to continue my life with fear and fear only.As i grow, i started to hate questions instead of accepting it, i started to ignore it, i started to step backward instead of forward.
So, i have started to learn that how to ignore people, nature, exam, situation. I just want to be an ignorant by ignoring every single blue ray because i believe that thousand of question which is placed against me might produce millions of counter question on my self, which sank my life on the shore only.
Recently, one of my people, who consider me as her good friend, asked a question!
A question which freeze me for a tens of hours after that question fired on me. My mind was in pain, my heart was beating stormy, my eyes were cloudy, my self was hidden behind my shadow into night, due to that single question.
But, after that tens of hours, i have started to rise (instead of win!!!) over my superficial fear. I have again started to love the questions. Now, i have started to love being success and more than that being failure, as well! I have started to measure them white simply white instead of red, green, blue, gray, black.
Initially due to belief “The setting of the sun is a difficult time for all fish” i have never opened the door and even window of my original virtue. Now, again i have started to sail even during the setting of the sun in a opened sea. Again i have started to comb six times a day, without a fear of hair loss. I started to welcome everything, i started to sing!!!
Now, let me reveal that milky white question in this stormy night, -“are you really single? 😉 :idea:”
Thank you…


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