2 never enough

Its always two that was, is never enough for me. The sun and moon were never enough for me, i always crave for milky, shiny stars, during the whole long fat day up to that sizzling night. The cloud and rain were never enough for me, i always waited a long for a striking light, even that it scares me a lot. Smile and happiness were never enough for me, its tears that helps me to realize the meaning of mine 3.5″ widen lips. Neither summer nor winter it’s monsoon that gives high five to my soul and inspires me to enjoy hot and dizzy cold days whether, even. Up and Down never bother me, it’s a slanting edge that helps me to slide their quickly at my place. Its just the straight ways, neither left nor right that looks me cool and saying me “Well-Come”, always. Its never ice pellets and juicy juice who attracts me, it’s just that stick that hold them together for me.
Ohhh, why i always rush behind the third one while unnecessarily ignoring the first twos??? Why , and . is never enough for me and i go for ?
Am i need, crave it for a balance, for a support, as a backbone???
Yeah, i think these all are the reason that continues my life chaining process and keeps me crawling on the road. Then what’s it?
is it visible? can we smell it?
Its a four letter word “LovE” that means a lot,always for me and even for everyone. It’s magical. It’s looks good on me, always. It’s taste like fresh strawberry. It’s smells like roses, always reacher then i was expecting. It’s flies like shadows. It’s fails like success. It’s LovE that i need, i am feeling, really counts and it is just LovE that makes people go around people. That matters.


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